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Three features WhatsApp SHOULD have – as new update adds chat reactions

WHATSAPP is constantly evolving with new features and many are long requested by users themselves.

As we saw with the recent new reactions, it does work eventually.

WhatsApp is constantly adding new featuresCredit: Alamy

So what other features are people calling for on the world's most popular messaging app?

1. Remove the 'message was deleted' notification

The ability to delete a message within ten minutes of sending it is designed to be helpful for silly slip ups, like sending something embarrassing or to the wrong person.

However, some people say the fact WhatsApp leaves a message saying something was deleted creates new problems in itself.

"WhatsApp should remove that 'this message was deleted' notification," one user said on Twitter.

"It's unnecessary drama."

2. Ability to hide 'typing...'

When someone is in the process of messaging you, "typing..." appears next to their name at the top.

While it can be useful, not everyone is fond of it.

"WhatsApp should remove the « typing , online » option I hate it," one user said.

Another added that it "doesn't do any good for people with anxiety".

3. WhatsApp chat folders

With so many contacts and groups, things can get a bit messy.

As such, some people have called for a folder option to organise them.

"WhatsApp shouldreally consider creating a folder function so I can sort out my university groups and my personal chats because they’re getting too messy," one user suggested.

"I barely use WhatsApp for personal use anymore due to a lot of messages from groups and personal chats coming in all at once."

Another complained: "I hate how disorganise that app is but I still have to use it."

WhatsApp is actually planning to radically change groups with a new Communities tab.

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