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UK weather forecast tomorrow: Thunderstorm & flood warnings issued for Manchester, Midlands and Northern Ireland TONIGHT

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- Latest weather forecast for the UK
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SEVERE thunderstorms and showers are set to strike the UK for a second day running today - ahead of a 27C heatwave THIS week.

A tropical North African blast sweeping in from the south will plunge the country into a steamy hot spell, with the mercury set to rocket by the middle of this week, according to weather experts.

Thunder and lightning hit parts of southern England overnight on Monday with Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire most affected.

And despite warm air from North Africa bringing above-average temperatures to most places in the UK this week, the balmy weather will be broken up with more potentially heavy or thundery showers.

A huge yellow weather warning - stretching from Northern Ireland to Oxford and covering Manchester, the Midlands & Middlesbrough - is in place until 10pm this evening.

Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern said: "During the early part of next week it’s possible to see low to mid 20s fairly widely, and high 20s around the South East if we get sunshine associated with this plume.

"However, as I mentioned, it does bring the threat of thundery outbreaks at the same time."

The Met's long-range forecast has predicted warm temperatures will last until May 23.

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  • Lauren Lomas

    In pictures: Super moon! The lunar eclipse over London

    The stunning close up images show the haunting moon over London during the lunar eclipse.

    The dramatic super blood moon is pictured gradually entering the early stages of the eclipse.

    As the moon is completely overshadowed by earth, it appears red as the light bends round the earth.

    A super moon is when the moon is in its closest orbit to earth.

    The moon pictured at 3am on 16 May 2022
  • Lauren Lomas

    Brit's put their brollies up in rainy scenes

    Windsor was very rainy yesterday, and crowds braved the cold sheet of rain as they headed out to the town.

    Despite highs of 22C, the weather was still chilly yesterday and cold raindrops fell from the skies.

    Brits didn't let this ruin their weekend as they headed out to make the most of their Sunday 15 May.

    Windsor was busy due to the Royal Horse Show which saw around 1,300 people attend.

    Brollies up outside Windsor Castle. Members of the public cover up from the rain
  • Lauren Lomas

    In pictures: Eerie atmosphere as the thunderstorms ravage Britain's coastline

    Wind and rain battered the UK overnight as thunder rumbled overhead and lightening forked across the sky.

    The UK was in for a spooky night on 14 May as rain and wind coursed across the nation.

    Brits were flagged a yellow storm alert ahead of the looming heatwave. The UK may even see highs of 27C next week.

    While warm weather is on the horizon it looks as though it won't come without the odd storm here and there.

    Bolts of lightning illuminate the clouds in the night sky above the lighthouse at Portland Bill in Dorset
  • Lauren Lomas

    Bog off! Brits get stuck in for muddy course in the Peak District over this rainy weekend

    This year's Bog Commander endurance course was a sticky one.

    Brit's got stuck in the mud for this year's Bog Commander in the Peak District near Buxton.

    The six kilometre obstacle course and race through a farm, and get absolutely covered in mud.

    It includes a crazy zip wire ride across the Peak District, which is 260 metres long.

  • Lauren Lomas

    Brits confused by the on and off weather

    Rain one moment, sun the next, what is going on in the UK?

    One moment it's boiling hot, then pouring with rain. Spring and summer are battling it out as the rain can't seem to stop.

    Brits took to Twitter to moan about the perplexing conditions.

    One Twitter user wrote: the weather in the uk is actually a joke why cant it just be WARM i don’t want rain anymore."

    Another wrote: "UK weather you’re messing with my mind."

    A third said: "im soaked, hate the weather in the uk WHY IS IT ALWAYS RAINING."

  • HOT HOT HOT! Tuesday reach highs of 24C

    The thunderstorms could be well and truly out the way for tomorrow bringing warm sunshine.

    It looks as though Tuesday could be the warmest day this week, with temperatures potentially peaking 24C.

    The graph shows in the south east the temperature should sit at around 22C, with a cooler breeze along the coastlines.

    However the rest of the week could be rainy again, with this weekend being forecast as a wash out.

    The orange indicates the warmest parts of the UK at midday tomorrow
  • In pictures: Sunny Saturday as beach goers make the most of the weather

    Dorset was flocked with people all with the same idea: sunning themselves on the beach.

    Plenty of people splashed around in the sea and lazed about on the sand, as the sun beat down over the UK.

    Temperatures rose to highs of 24C, with little cloud cover and a low breeze sweeping across the coastline on Saturday 14 May.

    Some even headed out on paddle boards, enjoying the choppy waves and taking in the gorgeous coastal views.

    A person paddle boards in the sea off of Bournemouth beach in Dorset 14 MayCredit: PA

  • Powerful 'Flower Moon' pictured over the Temple of Poseidon

    The moon looked exceptionally close to Earth last night, as it is at its closest point to Earth in it's orbit.

    In some parts of the world, the moon was blood red, as a total lunar eclipse occurred.

    It will appear red due to the sunrises and sunsets occurring at the same time, reflecting off the moon's surface.

    The Flower Moon occurred just before the eclipse and was pictured floating above the Temple of Poseidon near Athens, Greece.

    Crowds of people flocked to watch the amazing spectacle.

    People watch a full moon, known as the “Flower Moon”, rising behind the Temple of Poseidon, before a lunar eclipse in Cape Sounion, near Athens, GreeceCredit: Reuters

  • HEAVY rain to shower the UK today

    Brits get your brolly's at the ready, it's going to be a wet one.

    While the UK had a unseasonably dry April, it seems we are in for a wet May as the UK sees torrential downpours today.

    The majority of the rain is likely to hit Ireland, Scotland and the north of England.

    The dark blue and green patches indicate the heaviest of the rain expected today.

  • Thunder storms to kick off the week

    Humid hot weather could bring more thunder and lightening across the UK.

    Rain is likely to be heavy in places with a risk of thunder across most of the UK, spreading up north.

    Sunny spells will appear here and there and a few heavy showers. The end of the day is likely to warm up again, with some sun.

  • Joseph Gamp

    High of 27C expected in south-east England

    Tuesday is likely to be the warmest day of this week, with highs of between 25C and 27C in the South East.

    It comes after glorious 24C sunshine on Saturday, believed to be the hottest day of the year so far and warmer than the Greek islands of Crete and Rhodes.

    Supermarket giant Tesco says it expects sales of barbecue food to double this weekend and for there to be increased demand for beer and wine.

  • Joseph Gamp

    Brits face ‘record’ heatwaves this summer

    Looking into the long- range summer weather James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, has said: “The overall summer forecast is now pointing towards at least four or five major heatwaves.”

    The Met Office’s three-month weather outlook is more conservative, with forecasters predicting a “40% chance” this summer “will be significantly hotter than average”.

  • Joseph Gamp

    Storms caused by 'plume of warm and humid air'

    Met Office meteorologist Simon Partridge said: "After a warm and sunny day for many parts, we will see showers start to push their way in from the south.

    "That's down to this plume of warm and humid air coming off the continent.

    "That's going to allow some heavy showers to develop and the odd rumbling of thunder as well.

    "Down in the south east though, we could see highs of 25C, and that will be the hottest day of the year so far.

    "But with that warm and muggy air, we will then see further showers start to push in from the south once again through overnight, and again, a risk of thunder for many southern parts of the country."

  • Joseph Gamp

    Sunday saw bands of thunder and rain move across the UK

    The Met Office said: "Sunday saw bands of showers and thunderstorms move across the UK.

    "It was warm in the sunnier moments with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all recording their warmest day of the year so far."

    "Here are the extremes for Sunday 15th May."

  • Louis Allwood

    Edinburgh will see highs of 16C today

    A cloudy start with a band of heavy rain spreading north.

    Drier towards the end of the day with some patchy low cloud.

    Fresh southeasterly breeze along the west coast with maximum temperatures of 16 °C.

  • Louis Allwood

    UK Monday to Thursday forecast

    Rain, heavy in places, continuing northwards, followed by sunny spells and scattered heavy showers.

    Fine later across many southern then central areas. Warm for most but northeast cooler and misty.

    Very warm, perhaps locally hot Tuesday with areas of thundery rain moving north across the UK.

    Further thundery rain is likely Wednesday before it turns fresher for most by Thursday.

  • Louis Allwood

    Londoners will have a dry morning today

    Largely cloudy but dry on Monday morning, the cloud slowly breaking to become largely sunny in the afternoon.

    A few showers in the north.

    Warm though cooler along coastal areas with maximum temperatures of 23 °C.

  • Louis Allwood

    Met Office advice for road flooding

    • If the road is flooded, turn around and find another route. The number one cause of death during flooding is driving through flood water, so the safest advice is turn around, don’t drown.
    • Although the water may seem shallow, just 12 inches (30cm) of moving water can float your car, potentially taking it to deeper water from which you may need rescuing.
    • Flood water also contains hidden hazards which can damage your car, and just an egg-cupful of water sucked into your car’s engine will lead to severe damage.
    • Never drive through flood water. Turn around.
  • Louis Allwood

    UK weather outlook for Tuesday and Wednesday

    Tuesday will bring sunny spells however cloud will build in from the west during the day bringing rain to Northern Ireland and western Britain later.

    Wednesday will be largely dry and bright with periods of sunshine and patchy cloud cover. Showers are expected across Scotland and Northern Ireland.

  • Louis Allwood

    Monday's forecast

    A dull start to the day with cloudy skies for most areas and there will be rain across northern Britain which will continue to slowly clear from the south during the day.

    It will be brighter further south with cloud breaking to reveal sunny spells but showers will be slow to clear during the morning.

  • Louis Allwood

    Could we have the ‘hottest day of the year’ this month?

    Yesterday could be the hottest day of the year so far - with temperatures soaring to a sizzling 24C as a scorching five-day heatwave hits the UK.

    And it's only going to get hotter - as a North African plume brings soaring temperatures from across the continent.

    Previously, May 6 recorded a scorching 23.6C in Faversham, Kent.

    In fact, this month could be the hottest May in 100 years as sweltering weather is expected to reach our coasts.

    The current record is 27.8C which was recorded in Camden, North London on May 16, 1925.

  • Louis Allwood

    Brits face ‘record’ heatwaves this summer

    Looking into the long- range summer weather James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, has said: “The overall summer forecast is now pointing towards at least four or five major heatwaves.”

    The Met Office’s three-month weather outlook is more conservative, with forecasters predicting a “40% chance” this summer “will be significantly hotter than average”.

  • Louis Allwood

    Could next week be the wettest day of the year?

    Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern said: “Through next week we expect above-average temperatures, the mid- to high-20Cs is possible at times mainly towards the south-east if we see sunshine with this plume.

    “But with those high temperatures we could see showers or thunderstorms breaking out.

    “It will be warm or perhaps very warm next week, and at times there will be outbreaks of rain.”

    Bookmaker Ladbrokes has slashed the odds on late spring rainfall offering 3-1 from 8-1 on next week bringing the wettest day of the year.

  • UK weather outlook for Monday and Tuesday

    Monday will dull and damp with cloudy skies and heavy rain or showers tracking northwards which will clear to reveal sunny spells and just a few isolated showers later.

    There will be sunny spells on Tuesday however variable amounts of cloud will build and outbreaks of rain will spread into the west.

  • Expert tips for keeping it cool

    With temperatures about to skyrocket into the high 20s, wellness experts from Zeal CBD have put together some tips on how to keep your home as cool as possible for the family, as well as pets:  

    • Put a bowl of ice in front of a fan - Simply put a bowl bucket or even tupperware filled with ice water directly in front of a fan. As the ice melts the breeze from the fan will pick up the cool air and will create a cool breeze.
    • Keep curtains and windows closed during the day - On a gorgeous sunny day it’s natural to want to want to see the sun and have it shining in through your windows, but it will heat up your surroundings similar to a greenhouse!
    • Open windows once the day gets cooler -Once it gets towards the evening, temperatures will start cooling down, which means it’s time to open your windows - and have one open whilst you sleep (if it’s safe to do so).
    • Turn off the lights - It’s best to avoid any sort of extra light or heat sources when the temperature is already scorching! 

    For pets:

    • Encourage them to stay in shaded areas and away from direct sunlight - Pet safety comes first and ensuring your pet is in a shaded area will keep them cool.
    • Put down damp towels for them to lie on - A quick method to cool your pet down is to damp a towel with cold water for your pet to lie on.
    • Put the garden sprinkler on - If you have a sprinkler or a hose then turn it on during a hot summers day. This can be a fun activity for kids and will keep your pet feeling cool in the sun.