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I’m a savvy mum and feed my family of three lavish Marks and Spencer meals for just £2 per head – here’s how

A SAVVY mum eats well for less by yellow sticker shopping at Marks and Spencer's supermarket.

Kerensa Robertson, 48, an admin assistant from Billericay, Essex, knows exactly how she can eat lavishly without breaking the bank.

Just some of what this savvy mum's bought on sale at M&SCredit: Caters

Heading to her local Marks and Spencer's twice a week to find the bargains, mum-of-one Kerensa, claims hunting down the best discounts gives her a real dopamine buzz.

Her finds are so successful, she now buys double the amount and gives it to her elderly neighbour and friends as well as feeding daughter Delphi, 10, and partner, Matt, 52, luxurious meals for approximately £2 per head.

Kerensa explains: "I have the taste buds of M&S with the budget of Aldi.

"I prefer the quality of M&S as opposed to supermarkets such as Asda and Aldi, I think you can taste the difference for sure.


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"I prefer the quality of M&S as opposed to supermarkets such as Asda and Aldi, I think you can taste the difference for sure.

"I would say 90 per cent of my shopping is yellow sticker, I only pay full price for milk and cheese.

"I am interested in the more expensive things such as the M&S reduced meat and dinners.

"Recently I bought a rack of lamb that was meant to be £12.47 and I paid £5.49 for it, a pork shoulder joint that was £10 reduced to £3.20 and a pork leg joint that was £9.85 reduced to £3.68.

"I'm just one of those people who can be bothered to look.

"I just enjoy good food. If I am going to buy something, I will hunt down the best offers. It is with everything I purchase from food to flights and trainers.

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"I will only buy yellow sticker items, it has helped me save a lot, meaning my family and I can go on nice holidays and make memories together.

"Life is for living, save where you can and keep topping up your savings and then you can spend your money on making memories."

"I never take a shopping list with me I will just buy what is there on the day, whatever is reduced I will buy and I prefer this way of shopping.

"I'm not looking for the cheapest food, I am looking for the best quality food at the best price.

"I picked up some prawn skewers that were originally £5 and I paid £1.40 as well as some rose veal breaded scallops for just £1.84 when they should have been £5.

"We live lavishly for 70 per cent off the price.

"We're all foodies, we love good food and that's why I love Marks and Spencer's."

Kerensa spends approximately £25 to £30 per week in the supermarket.

Kerensa adds: "When I pick Delphi, ten, up from school we go straight to M&S. I know they do their reductions at 3:45 so we go after school.



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"Delphi will go around the shop herself with a basket and pick up what she likes the look of that is reduced and then we will go through it together.

"I always avoid going at weekends, I will go between Monday and Friday twice a week, and if there isn't anything good on the day I will get whatever is there such as any salad or veg and use something from my freezer, but I will go in and do a haul if it's there.

"I do put a lot in my freezer, so I sometimes have a couple of weeks off when the freezer is full.

"Some items aren't the best bargains, but the quality is there.

"We will eat smoked trout, salmon terrine and prawns with fresh bread, honey smoked salmon bagels, Turkish style kebabs for dinner with new potatoes, it is always good quality food.

"I share it with my neighbour, I will pick things up for her that I know she will like. I picked up four packs of sausages for £1.44 each and gave two to her.

"Meals I cook always vary, I got three Pad Thai meals for 98p each that were meant to be £4.50 each and two packs of 20 buffalo wings for £1.48 each which made our dinners very cheap.

"I get such a buzz out of finding these deals it's great.

"It helps we all have a great taste pallet, and Delphi will eat anything so buying food like this isn't an issue.

"For anyone who wants to hunt out the bargains, I would recommend finding out what time their supermarket starts their reduced items and be consistent each week going at that time."

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4x bagels - 49p
Honey smoked salmon - £1.48
Cream cheese - 10p per serving
Total = £2.27
0.75 per head

Slow cooked Texan pork - £3.51
Brioche buns - 43p
Spinach - 50p
Half a pack of Coleslaw - £1.00 [50p]
New potatoes - £1.10
Total = £6.04
£2.01 per head

Pork leg joint - £3.68 does 6 meals over 2 nights
Ready made roaster - £2
Honey and orange glazed carrots 0.74p
Red braised cabbage with apple 0.70p
Gravy 25p
Total = £7.37
£2.24 per head

Two trout fillets £2.50
Rice 58p
Roasted vegetables - 90P
Total - £3.98
£1.32 per head

Kerensa with daughter DelphiCredit: Caters
Some of Kerensa's M&S haulCredit: Caters
Kerensa's M&S receiptCredit: Caters