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SHE drives for Deliveroo to make a few extra pounds in the evening.

And Caroline Austen has shared an inside look at her night shift in a video on her TikTok page.

Caroline Austen makes an extra £40 a night from being a Deliveroo driver in the eveningsCredit: TikTok / caroline_austen
Caroline showed a big bag of food from Zizzi that she'd been asked to deliverCredit: TikTok / caroline_austen

In the clip, she could be seen loading up bags full of food and drinks from the Co-op, Zizzi's and Cafe Rouge, as well as a little local Italian.

But that one was slightly annoying, Caroline complained, as the customer lived just " a minute's walk away".

"Please don’t be annoyed at those that live very close, they may have hidden disabilities that makes carrying food difficult or painful," one person commented on the video.

To which Caroline replied: "Of course, I completely understand that!

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"I was just annoyed because I could have walked there and I stupidly drove instead."

Continuing her video, Caroline said that after an order she usually has some "waiting" - adding " you do a lot of that, but eventually you get orders".

"So, how much did you make?" one person wrote in the comments section, to which Caroline replied: "About £36, including tips and a fee boost."

Of the money she'd earned, £6 was tips.

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In response to another question, Caroline explained: "The minimum is £3.15 per order, it goes up depending on how far the drop is from the restaurant.

"I’ve had deliveries that are worth £20 before!"

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"Hope you have business insurance on your car, or do they pay for that?" someone else asked.

With Caroline replying: "Yep, when you apply you have to provide confirmation that you have the right type of car insurance to deliver food."

She showed herself sitting in the car with two Deliveroo bags of food ready to deliver next to herCredit: TikTok / caroline_austen
She made £36 from the evening - £6 of which was in tipsCredit: TikTok / caroline_austen