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My 18-year-old stepdaughter STILL sleeps with her dummy…how can I get her stop?

Parents are advised to start weaning their kids off at one - so what would you do if this was your child?

A WOMAN has revealed her 18-year-old stepdaughter still sucks a dummy while she sleeps, so what would you do?

Dummies are normally used to pacify babies and toddlers, with Supernanny recommending weaning your kids off them from the age of one.

A woman has revealed her stepdaughter still sleeps with a dummy at the age of oneCredit: Getty - Contributor

Taking to Quora, the stepmum revealed: "My 18-year-old stepdaughter still sucks on a dummy while she sleeps.

"We thought we'd weaned her off it six months ago, but I found another dummy in her bedroom. What can I do?"

Some readers were shocked, writing: "Oh, My! You’ve got a special problem there! Seek Professional help!"

While others said: "Why did you not stop this as a baby or toddler?" and: "You all 3 need family counseling."

And one dad asked: "Why was it not taken from her as a toddler? We started weaning my son off of his after his first birthday, and within a month he quit asking for it.

"She is an adult now and it’s obvious she is going to have issues from now on.

"She never learned to self soothe, and she will probably have anxiety or other dependency issues."

Some agreed it was a serious issue, but others advised the mum to mind her own business as she's an adult nowCredit: Getty - Contributor

But others were horrified that the stepmum was interfering and felt it was a big invasion of the young adult's privacy to be poking around her room.

One 32-year-old, who still sleeps with a blanket, said: "Just let her do it.

"You may not like it or approve of it but are you really going to mess up her sleeping habits because you are uncomfortable?

"She’s an adult. She’s 18. You are no longer in control of her habits or what she does."

While a second woman wrote: "It's most likely a security thing.

"You actually are most likely making her more anxious and she feels worse having you making a big deal about it and creeping into her room while she sleeps to check."

Another person argued: "If something isn’t affecting her life negatively, then it’s not cause for concern. We all have our quirks and methods of self-soothing."

And one woman said: "It’s obviously seriously infantile, but I think I’d just leave it.

"I would imagine she’ll cure herself of it instantly once she goes to stay with a girlfriend, or spends the night with a guy."

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