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My neighbours are so pathetic – they’ve got a system to ensure that ‘their’ parking space is saved at all times

A WOMAN has been left fuming after her neighbours devised a plan to ensure they always get a specific parking space outside their home.

She took to TikTok to share a video of the father and son neighbours saving their space.

A woman is furious her neighbours have a system in place to ensure that 'their' parking space is always taken by one of their two carsCredit: tiktok
As the blue car drove off, the brown one was ready and waiting to pull forward into the coveted parking spotCredit: tiktok
The brown car is seen in the parking spot after the blue vehicle movedCredit: tiktok

A man is seen preparing to drive off in his blue car, with another motorist in a brown vehicle ready behind him to take the space.

"Here we go again - brown car is ready to dash into the space," she wrote over the clip.

And, just as she predicted, as soon as the blue car had driven off, the vehicle behind it pulled forward into the space.

Clarifying the situation in the comments section, she wrote: "They both live there so they swap cars to keep that space 'saved' at all times."

"This must be causing him such stress to be that worried about a space," one person wrote.

To which the poster replied: "I agree it’s the biggest stress of his life. The son wouldn’t be able to leave if he wasn’t there to move the brown car."

But others insisted the situation was "hilarious".

"It’s as good as a pantomime," one wrote.

"You should hire a skip and put it where they park. Hilarious."

"My neighbours leave their drive empty and park either side of my drive with 2 cars and a work truck, and ring each other to keep the spaces when they leave!!" another wrote. "To make sure they keep their space!

"I parked my van there and intend to leave it there now."

"Why are people so petty about parking spaces? If it’s that important, move to a house with a bigger drive," someone else commented.