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EVERY bride dreams of looking extra glamorous on their wedding day, with a hair and make-up look to compliment their dress.

So when one blushing bride asked her make-up artist to make her look totally different for her big day, she went ahead and did exactly that. 

A bride said she wanted a bug transformation for her big dayCredit: tiktok/@selenamup

Professional make-up artist Selena Marchand, who can be found on TikTok at her profile @selenamup, uploaded a before and after video of her client’s transformation.

Selena explained: “This bride told me to turn her into a different person - I said done.”

She then went on to show the process and how she used concealer, foundation, and an extra sparkly eyeshadow to create the look.

The make-up pro also did some contouring, before unveiling the final look and saying: “My beautiful bride.” 

However, Selena’s social media followers were split when it came to the results of the glam makeover.

While many described the look as “Disney Princess” and asked Selena what products she’d used to achieve it, others said it made them upset that the bride wanted to look so different.

One typed: “This made me really sad. I want to look back and see myself, not a different person.

“At first I thought you said, 'Don’t' and not 'Done'.”

A second was in agreement, as they wrote: “Should've replied with, “No, let’s enhance your beauty!” 

However, Selena defended her decision, and replied to one of the comments saying: “This made you sad, this made me happy. Relax, it’s just make-up, it’s playful and fun.

“She obviously doesn’t want to be someone else.”

She later added: “I let my clients determine what makes them feel beautiful, not my opinion.” 

The make-up artist worked her magic for the blushing brideCredit: tiktok/@selenamup
Selena's social media followers were split on the final lookCredit: tiktok/@selenamup