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A FASHION guru has encouraged her social media followers to ditch three items in their wardrobe if they want to look instantly slimmer.

Instead, she offered up the alternative outfits people can invest in that will transform your look and won’t date. 

A fashion fan has shared her top tipsCredit: tiktok/@jen_x_style

Style fan Jen, who can be found on TikTok at @jen_x_style, updated her profile with a post titled: “Suggestions for when you are having a “fat” day.”

She then explained: “Stop wearing this if you want to look skinnier”, before highlighting the three ensembles that could be adding pounds.

First up, Jen told her followers that busy, patterned tops - in her example a floral number tucked into fitted, straight leg, beige trousers - can instantly make you look bigger than you are.

That’s because “it enhances any body part and draws attention to that area.”

Instead, she suggested swapping one of these to “wear monochrome colours” that streamline the whole look and “create one seamless line from head to toe.” 

Next, Jen told her followers to swap out high necklines on tops for a V-neck design.

She explained that high necks “add bulk to your body and make it look wider and shorter.”

Meanwhile, the inverted triangle on a V-neck “gives it an illusion of a slimmer body.”

The third and final tip was to ban letting your shirt hang loose over your trousers.

While it may be the most comfortable option, Jen says a “loose fit makes anyone over a size 10 look bigger and frumpy.” 

On the other hand, tucking in the exact same shirt can make a world of difference.

She concluded: “This draws a clean line around the body and makes you look smaller.”

Swap a patterned top for a monochrome numberCredit: tiktok/@jen_x_style
Jen says high neck tops should be ditched in favour of a V-neck designCredit: tiktok/@jen_x_style
Finally, don't wear shirts loose over trousers - instead tuck them inCredit: tiktok/@jen_x_style