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AS IF planning a wedding wasn't enough, one bride-to-be has revealed she even made her own cake.

But plenty of people online have shared their opinions of it and many can't believe she is going to serve it at her wedding.

The bride was thrilled with her wedding cake creation - but viewers were not as impressedCredit: TikTok/@darlinggoose
She used Betty Crocker cake mix for her big dayCredit: TikTok/@darlinggoose

TikTok user Darling Goose, from the US, shared that she decided to make her wedding cake the night before her wedding using Betty Crocker rainbow cake mix.

In the short clip, she showed herself making the six cakes and icing them - piling them on top of each other.

She then added another layer of icing all around the cake and decided to decorate it with rainbow coloured sprinkles.

The bride-to-be then topped it off with a green wedding cake topper with the couple's new matching surname.

The video has since gone viral racking up over one million views, and viewers quickly took to the comments to share their opinions of the DIY wedding cake.

One wrote: "I can hear your guest judging."

"This has to be a joke," another user remarked.

A third quipped: "I knew it'd be horrible the moment u showed the box and said you were only making it a day before."

"It’s a no, it looks like a 1-year-old birthday cake for smashing. It’s a hell no for me," a fourth added.

Others thought it was a genius way to save money, "Thank god someone has some common sense and doesn’t pay 500 for a wedding cake.

"You’re beautiful let that shine not your cake," one wrote.

Another commented: "It's her wedding! She can have any cake she wants! I wouldn't wanna pay huge amounts for cake either."

"I would 100% do this. Who cares about a cake enough to spend $500? And who’s gonna remember a wedding by its cake," added a third person.

While some thought the cake was tacky others agreed it was silly to spend hundreds on a wedding cakeCredit: TikTok/@darlinggoose