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WHEN you're still in the stage where you're just thinking about getting a tattoo, it makes sense that you wouldn't consult your loved ones.

After all, getting too many opinions is only going to leave you confused and questioning whether you even want it anymore.

Maria responded to a TikTok trend where people are sharing their 'dumbest' inkingsCredit: Tiktok / mariaavery
She saw the tattoo on Pinterest and decided to get it on her upper thighCredit: Tiktok / mariaavery

That said, we bet Maria Avery is regretting not running her empowering tattoo by her family before she had it inked on her body FOREVER.

Earlier this year, the TikTok user responded to a viral challenge where people have been sharing the "dumbest tattoos they've ever gotten".

In a viral video that's racked up over 166,000 "likes", Maria joked that it was finally her "time to shine".

"I've been waiting for this moment," she said. "Let's get into it."

When she was 18 years old, Maria was scrolling through Pinterest when she found a stumbled upon a dainty empowering tat reading "keep going".

She continued: "I thought it was such an inspirational quote, I should just get a tattoo of it."

However, it wasn't necessarily the tattoo that was the problem - but where she put it.

At the time, the teen posed for a photo proudly showing off her new inking - which had pride of place on her upper thigh.

My family saw it and said ‘what the f*** is that? It looks so sexual, get it removed.

But needless to say, her family weren't too pleased when they saw it.

She added: "My family saw it and said ‘what the f*** is that? It looks so sexual, get it removed.'"

As Maria couldn't deny that the tattoo could be interpreted in a sexual way, she decided to get an alteration to make it more innocent... but it only made it much, much worse.

She added: "So I figured I could fix it.

"A year later, I put ‘forward’ after it. 'Keep going forward’...

"It only gets dumber at this point. Literally so stupid.

After her family complained it was 'too sexual', she had 'forward' added to the endCredit: Tiktok / mariaavery
She eventually covered it with some some flowers

“The tattoo guy literally said when putting the ‘forward’ on it, ‘I was hoping you didn’t want me to put ‘keep going harder’ on it’."

At this point, it dawned on Maria that she either needed to go through the painful process of having the tattoo removed or cover it up.

Opting for the later version, 22-year-old now has a pretty rose trio tat where the sexy inking used to be.

She added: "This is it now, it’s covered up, it’s beautiful, but don’t get dumb tattoos anybody."

The video has now racked up thousands of comments too - and people still liked the original tattoo but, like Maria's family, took issue with the placement.

One replied: "It's not a bad tattoo - it was just unfortunately placed."

Another added: "When I was 17, I wanted a tattoo that said 'don't stop' in the same place."

A third wrote: "I didn't even think anything until you said it was inappropriate."

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