16 stunning photos of the lunar eclipse known as the 'super flower blood moon'

What a sight.

Fisherman in bass tournament catches record sunfish

Lester Roberts was fishing in a bass tournament on the Satilla River in Georgia when he hooked into what he thought was a good-size...

Angler chokes up after catching and releasing 300-pound alligator gar

Fishing in an undisclosed bayou in Houston, Payton Moore landed a fish of a lifetime, and captured the emotional moment on video.

Deceitful rock hounds create ruse to outsmart the law; it doesn’t work

Rock hounding is known as the activity of searching for and collecting rocks, but it’s best to do it legally.

U.S. Army soldier killed by bear while training in Alaska

While training with a small group from Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Anchorage, Alaska, a U.S. Army soldier was attacked by a bear.


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