NBA Draft 2022: Check out Johnny Davis' Taco Bell ad that has the internet going crazy

A lot of people are going to learn Johnny Davis’ name for the first time on draft night.

The future lottery pick is a former guard at Wisconsin where he was legitimately one of the best players in the country. He averaged 19.7 points and 8.2 rebounds per game as a guard in the 2021-22 season on his way to becoming the Big Ten player of the year.

His resume is super impressive and it’ll probably have him picked somewhere in the top 10 by a team looking for a defensive stalwart at guard. We’ve got him going to the Washington Wizards.

Although it might be your first time hearing his name, it’s probably not the first time you’ve seen him.

Because you almost definitely have seen this Taco Bell ad somewhere that he’s an absolute star in.

Davis’ toasted cheddar chalupa ad has been running since May. His Taco Bell sponsorship has probably brought him a pretty penny.

Getting to the bag is an NBA skill. It’s nice to see Davis has got that down already.

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