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SCARLETT BORDEAUX attacked an opponent with a SEX TOY and took off his shorts during a wrestling bout this weekend.

The former WWE superstar was competing in an intergender Bra and Panties match in Los Angeles.

Scarlett Bordeaux attacked her rival with a sex toy this weekendCredit: Twitter / @Circle6_co
The ex-WWE star took part in an intergender Bra and Panties match against Eddy OnlyCredit: Twitter / @Circle6_co
She attacked Eddy Only with the sex toy during the Los Angeles eventCredit: Twitter / @Circle6_co

She took on Eddy Only at Circle 6's Hope for the Hopeless event on Sunday night when the match took a bit of a turn.

Scarlett was released by WWE last November and tweeted at the time: "Time to fulfill my wrestling dream of having a hardcore bra and panties match."

She got her wish this weekend when she went on to beat Only in their unorthodox clash in LA.

The WWE has not held a Bra and Panties match since 2007 having gone PG rated since 2008.

Videos on social media showed Bordeaux waving a dildo around.

And more footage showed her attacking Only's rear end with the sex toy.

She then took off his shorts to signal she won the novelty match.

The ex-WWE star was a cover model for February's edition of Fitness Gurls magazine.

She still posts plenty of glamorous shots and wrestling content for her legion of followers on social media.

And she revealed in an interview with the magazine earlier this year that she still wants to forge a wrestling career.

She told Fitness Gurls: "When I was in college as a musical theatre major, I had vocal nodules which lead me to begin focusing more on wrestling.

"I’ll always love to sing but as of right now wrestling and modelling will remain my top priority with singing as a hobby."

Scarlett Bordeaux appeared on the cover of Fitness Gurls magazine in FebruaryCredit: Joey Wright Photography
Scarlett Bordeaux was released by WWE last NovemberCredit: Joey Wright Photography
But she still wants a career in wrestlingCredit: Twitter / @Lady_Scarlett13
Scarlett Bordeaux still posts plenty of content for her social media followersCredit: Instagram

She added: "I workout at least four times a week focusing mostly on lower body and glutes for the majority of those days.

"I dedicate at least one day for upper body so my legs have a chance to rest. I also do fast cardio a few days a week in the morning for 30 minutes, usually just a power walk around the neighbourhood.

"After high school I wanted to change and improve my health and body when I fell in love with wrestling.

"It took a lot of time and consistency to get to where I am today.

"I think too often people labour under the notion that either a person is athletic or they are not and there’s no way to overcome that. But it’s a myth."