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‘This is my mom in her 60s, I think I’m going to be just fine when I get older’, says Paige Spiranac

PAIGE SPIRANAC hit back at a social media troll who tried to taunt her about her looks.

A Twitter user tried to put Paige down by saying she'll lose her glamor as she gets older.

Paige Spiranac posted this picture of her mom in her 60sCredit: instagram
Paige said her mom was 'hot in 2019 and hot in 2022'Credit: INSTAGRAM

But the social media star was having none of it and shut the user down.

One follower tweeted her: "Let's see how your (sic) doing in 20yrs from now with out your looks."

Paige, 29, responded with a photo of her alongside her mother.

And she wrote: "This is my mom in her 60s. I think I’m going to be just fine."

The golf star, who has over three million Instagram followers, added a photo of her mom that was three years old.

And Paige wrote: "Was hot in 2019. Still hot in 2022."

The 29-year-old recently revealed she's taking therapy again after harassment and vile threats.

Paige was named the sexiest woman alive earlier this year.

But with her fame and beauty has also come harassment and threats.

Paige opened up on the mental struggle that has bought her.

Speaking on her Playing A Round podcast, she told fans she has restarted her therapy and detailed some of the shocking taunts.

She said: "Someone threatened to send sperm to my house and my sister’s house, and threatened to come and get me, and I've had death threats and just a lot of harassment.

Paige Spiranac was named the sexiest woman aliveCredit: Instagram / @_paige.renee
She stunned in a revealing outfit at the Maxim Hot 100 partyCredit: Rex
Paige Spiranac posts glamorous pics online for her followersCredit: Instagram @paigerenee
She has over three million followers on InstagramCredit: Instagram / @paige.renee

"I’m getting so many opportunities, and I’m growing so much on my platforms, and getting a lot of new people who are following me. But what comes with that is the harassment and the stalkers.

“I let it get to me a little bit but I’m so grateful for the team that I have and we are doing everything possible.

"I just want to let you trolls know that if you are just messing with me to mess with me it’s not cool and we will take legal action.

“I felt that I was starting to take steps back with my own mental health and I wasn’t prioritising time for myself.

"So I’ve started therapy again, which has been really great. I've been prioritising self-care.

“I want to always be as open and transparent as possible, but I do want to take time to thank you guys for how much love and encouragement you constantly give me daily.”