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World’s ‘best ever’ UFO image ‘The Calvine Photo’ showing 100ft craft finally revealed after being hidden for 30 years

THIS is the infamous UFO photo dubbed by some as the "world's best" as it shows a huge diamond-shaped object pictured flying over the Scottish Highlands.

The so-called "Calvine Photograph" - which was for decades considered lost - has finally been uncovered after a years of research by academic and journalist Dr David Clarke.

The legendary Calvine Photograph showing a UFO and a warplane has been revealed after 30 years
Dr David Clarke (R) tracked down former RAF press officer Craig Lindsay who still had a copy of the photoCredit: UAP MEDIA UK

Showing what seems to be a huge angular object with what appears to be a Harrier jet in the distance, the image is an extraordinary piece of the UFO puzzle.

It was taken at around 9pm on August 4, 1990, by two hikers on a hillside near Calvine, just off the A9 some 35 miles north-west of Perth in Scotland.

The men - whose identities remain unknown to this day - claim they watched the metallic object hovering with a low hum for around ten minutes - while fighter jets made passes in the distance.

As they watched the jaw dropping scene, the object - which is estimated to have been up to 100ft long - then is said to have shot off at high speed straight up into the sky - never to be seen again.

But luckily they seemed to capture the moment on camera, snapping six photographs of the diamond shaped craft with a fighter plane in the background.

The photos were then were given to the Scotland's Daily Record newspaper who in turn passed them to the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

But for unknown reasons the story was never published - and the photos vanished into the black hole of Whitehall.

And so began the modern myth of the "Calvine Photograph" - with the images never being seen by the public, until now.

Dr Clarke - who has worked as a curator for the MoD UFO files project at The National Archives and is an an associate professor from Sheffield Hallam University - managed to track down the photo by seeking out former RAF press officer Craig Lindsay.

Mr Lindsay had kept a copy of the original photograph as he was the go between who was liaising between the press and the MoD when the original story was probed in 1990.

He had the original envelope sent by the Daily Record - and inside was one of the original photographs from Calvine.

The ex-RAF man agreed to hand over the photo to Dr Clarke and Vinnie Adams, from campaign group UAP Media UK, and it has now been filed in the archives at Sheffield Hallam University.

Mr Adams told The Sun Online: "It’s been a privilege to work on this case with such a dedicated team of researchers.

We may not be any closer knowing exactly what the object seen over Calvine [...] or who it belonged to, but an important piece of the puzzle has dropped into place

Graeme Rendall UAP Media UK

"After 32 years, and an intensive investigation, it feels good to be able to show this elusive photograph to the world."

He added: "We urge anyone with any information on the identity of the photographer or the case to come forward."

And the photograph has been rediscovered just as UFOs once again take centre stage in Washington DC.

Lawmakers, former servicemen and intelligence officials are now all speaking more openly about the traditionally fringe topic - including a landmark hearing on Capitol Hill.

US officials have acknowledged there is something in the skies they cannot explain - and the stigma around UFOs is finally being stripped back.

A black and white photocopy of the original photo from The National Archives
MoD documents show how they wanted to respond to the photo back in 1990

Much of the Calvine Photo legend is built around reports of a big blown up version of the image which is claimed to have once hung on the wall at the MoD's so-called UFO office.

The poster-sized photo however was allegedly removed mysteriously without a trace.

It is a story often told by Nick Pope, who worked to investigate UFOs for the MoD in the 90s and worked in Whitehall until 2004, who first revealed the tale in his 1996 book'Open Skies, Closed Minds'.

Mr Pope claims the UK asked the US if the photo showed an experimental aircraft - only for the image to then be taken away and never seen again.

And to further add to the mystery, the MoD decided to withhold certain details of the case until 2076.

But this is understood to have been done to protect the names and addresses of those in the file - not as part of some wide-ranging cover up.

The National Archives file included a photocopy of an eerie black and white line drawing, something that only further inflamed the mystery around the case.

Where the UFO was spotted in the Highlands in 1990

But with all these questions, what exactly is the angular shape seen in the Calvine Photo?

Is it an elaborate hoax? A piece of never before seen secret technology? Or perhaps more outlandishly, an alien spacecraft?

We simply don't know for sure - with MoD files from the time saying there is "no definite conclusion regarding the large object".

The craft is theorised to potentially be an experimental US aircraft - possibly the semi-legendary black project, the Aurora.

The Aurora - which has never been confirmed to exist - is suggested to have been a hypersonic spy plane capable of extraordinary speeds.

Brits made numerous reported of angular objects being seen in the skies during last 80s and early 90s.

Mr Pope has previously claimed the poster-sized Calvine Photo was removed from the MoD after a diplomatic row with the US.

He claims the UK asked the US if the photo showed their prototype "Aurora" hypersonic spy plane - with secretary of the US Air Force Donald Rice becoming "incensed" by the questions.

In the aftermath of the dispute, the photograph was taken away and never seen again.

In February 1993, Lord Kennet asked the House of Lords whether "US experimental aircraft" were allowed to fly over the UK - something which was denied by the MoD.

And three years later, Martin Redmond MP asked about the Calvine incident - but was told by Nicholas Soames, the armed forces minister, there was "nothing of defence significance" in the photo.

Graeme Rendall, from UAP Media UK, said: "We may not be any closer knowing exactly what the object seen over Calvine in August 1990 was, or who it belonged to, but an important piece of the puzzle has dropped into place due to diligent research."

Dan Zetterstrom, also from the group, added: "The Calvine photograph stands as one of the biggest mysteries in UFO history.

"Finally revealed after 32 years, it shows that answers only bring new questions."

US officials are now openly talking about UFOs - despite decades ago dismissing the topic at the conclusion of Pentagon investigation Project Blue Book.

It comes after The Sun Online revealed an extraordinary UFO case where a hypersonic object buzzed a US nuclear bomber.