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Disturbing past of ex-cop who was ‘booted from police force over mystery death before raping woman in torture house’

AN ex-cop accused of raping and torturing a woman in his home for months was fired from a police force years earlier over the beating death of a man during an arrest.

Peter McGuire was taken into custody for allegedly holding a woman captive from January 1 to June 9 in his Chino Hills, California home, according to the criminal complaint.

A neighbor told The Sun police entered the home where Peter McGuire allegedly tortured a woman for six months through the garageCredit: Courtesy
Peter McGuire, 59, pleaded not guilty to all ten charges and accusations that he 'did cut and disable the tongue, and put out an eye and slit the nose, ear and lip' of a womanCredit: Chino Hills Police

He "did cut and disable the tongue, and put out an eye and slit the nose, ear and lip," the complaint said.

McGuire pleaded not guilty to all charges and accusations.

Decades before McGuire's June 11 arrest, he was a Huntington Park, California police officer from 1986-1987 before his termination, the San Bernardino District Attorney's Office confirmed.

He was accused of hitting and kicking Acacio Ramirez in the sternum during Ramirez's 1987 arrest, and Ramirez later died from the injuries, the LA Times reported at the time.



Police 'had 8 chances to save rape victim tortured for MONTHS by ex-cop'

Despite McGuire's termination, no criminal charges were ever filed in connection with the case.

McGuire's friend, who wished to remain anonymous after being trolled online for defending him, claimed he was wrongly accused in that case during an exclusive interview with The Sun.

Huntington Park police didn't immediately respond for comment about the case, why charges weren't filed and if there was a settlement.

McGuire worked again as a police officer in the now-defunct Hawaiian Gardens, California PD from 1995-1997, the San Bernardino DA's Office said.

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It's unclear why he didn't continue his law enforcement career. Instead, he became a private investigator.

McGuire's friend said the Huntington Park police ordeal "left a bad taste in his mouth," and he didn't want to be a cop anymore.

When asked about the current allegations, McGuire's friend said she believes he's innocent.

McGuire and his girlfriend at the time spent a couple months with the friend in 2018-2019 while he was working a case as a private investigator.

During that time - and in the years after - she said McGuire helped her while she was going through a domestic violence issue and routinely checked up on her.

"The Peter I knew is not the person that they're accusing. It's just really difficult to believe any of it," she said.


On June 9, the victim ran out of the back of the Chino Hills home, and down the hill into a California state park, according to the criminal complaint.

People in the park saw the victim and called 911, police said.

Deputies took care of the woman, who is now reportedly in stable condition in a local hospital.

Police executed a search warrant on McGuire's home two days later.

A neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous because of safety concerns, told The Sun that police came into the home through the garage, but he wasn't home.

He fled to the city of Placentia, Chino Hills Police Captain Garth Goodell said during the June 14, 2022, city council meeting.

When law enforcement swarmed the home, he barricaded himself inside for a period of time until he surrendered without incident, Goodell said.


When asked what the woman told police and how they pinpointed McGuire as the suspect, Chino Hills PD said:

"Although I cannot discuss in any detail, beyond what information we have already put out, the specifics on the case, I can tell you the investigation has been thorough and McGuire’s arrest was made in accordance with the law."

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The charges against McGuire include torture, kidnapping to commit another crime, kidnapping, mayhem, assault with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment by violence, forcible rape, two counts of sodomy by use of force, and forcible oral copulation.

He pleaded not guilty to all charges and accusations.

Down the hill from the home is a park where the woman ran to and was ultimately rescued by policeCredit: Not known, clear with picture desk
Police responded to this Chino Hills home seven or eight times in the six months that a woman was allegedly held against her will and torturedCredit: NBC Los Angeles