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A bystander captured the moment a Bentley driver became the victim of instant karma after parking outside the lines of her space.

Footage shows the Bentley owner stand behind the gray sedan, unable to enter her driver-side door due to an adjacently-parked SUV.

Bentley parked over line in lotCredit: TikTok/bountybyobservation

The woman’s decision to park over her space’s lines resulted in her not having enough room to enter her driver-side.

We can see that the SUV parked next to the Bentley tried to give the car space by crossing its far-left parking line.

We hear a spectating woman express her disapproval of the SUV’s parking job by saying: “I don’t know whose truck that is, and they’re stupid.”

“How can you even get in?”

The other side of this woman’s Bentley contains a lot of space due to her left-leaning parking job — but the driver continues to stand around looking an answer.

One TikTok user commented: “By now she could have climbed in the passenger side and left!!!!”

The spectating woman adds: “I hope there wasn’t a passenger in there [the SUV] that crammed the door in your Rolls-Royce.”

The expensive vehicle shown with a blocked driver-side door is a second-generation Bentley Continental GT.

Viewers of this TikTok were quick to contradict the woman heard expressing disapproval of the SUV’s parking job off-screen.

One TikTok user commented: “Learn to park, and that won’t happen.”

A separate TikTok user commented: “Why were so many people entertaining her like she’s the victim.”

The Bentley’s owner finally decides to enter her car through its passenger door side.

Before the woman enter her Bentley, she hands her coffee to a bystander to hold.

After starting her $220,000 luxury tourer, a spectator helps direct the woman on how to back out without hitting the adjacent SUV.

One TikTok user commented: “The fact she needed help backing out speaks volume to her driving skills.”

Bentley driver looking for answers to a problem she createdCredit: TikTok/bountybyobservation