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These six driving habits can damage your car – and you may not realize it

NOTICING auto damage is never fun—but not knowing that you’re hurting your car can be even worse.

People tend to damage their cars unknowingly when their driving style is flawed.

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Some manual drivers have a bad habit of resting their hands on their gearstick.

This pressure may seem harmless, but it can apply pressure inside the gearbox, causing premature transmission wear, Express reports.

The second bad habit of riding a clutch similarly applies to manual car owners.

Drivers ride their clutch by hovering their foot over their manual pedal, which can result in pressure and premature clutch wear, according to Express.

When you switch gears, try your best not to drive in high gear to save gas.

High gear acceleration at town speeds will result in your car’s engine working twice as hard.

If you’re approaching a speed bump, slow down—not just because it’s the law.

Drivers that travel over a speed bump without slowing down risk damaging their car’s front end, back end, and undercarriage.

It’s not unusual for drivers to leave items in their car out of convenience—but doing so can damage your vehicle.

Each car has a weight limit, and the closer you are to that limit, the more stress you place on your model.

Negative side-effects of carrying unnecessarily high amounts of weight in your car include poorer mileage and greater wear on your vehicle’s components.

Your final tip is to brake gradually instead of abruptly.

Harsh braking will wear your brake pads at an accelerated rate.

Routine car check-ups will help you erase any second-guessing regarding your vehicle’s health.

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Auto dealerships and corner garages use specialized diagnostic equipment and their experience to spot occurring issues that may not be visible.

These check-ups are known as multi-point inspections, and they’re typically free.