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I’m a car expert – there are 10 things you could be doing to ruin your vehicle and you might know even know it

WITH the price of used cars peaking, it's more important than ever to take good care of your vehicle to help it last as long as possible.

But your bad habits may be doing real damage to your car - and you may not even know it.

These ten tips can help your vehicle last longer and cleaner

By refraining from these ten tips, provided by Motor Biscuit, you can be doing your car a big favor.

1: Driving on 'empty'

With all-time high gas prices, you might be tempted to keep driving on low fuel.

Doing this regularly, however, can damage your car.

The gas in your vehicle's fuel tank chills the fuel pump, making it better to have gasoline full, per MoneyWise.

Constant low fuel can cause too much heat, and may even lead to a misfire, hesitation, or poor fuel economy.

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2: Ignoring odd noises

You might sometimes hear odd noises coming from your car, and these can often be bigger issues that need repair quickly.

Do not ignore the odd noises and get them to the auto repair shop.

3: Riding on your brakes

'Riding the brakes' means keeping one foot on the gas pedal and the other on the brake.

Even giving the slightest pressure to the brake pedal while also stepping on the accelerator can severely mess up the vehicle's brake lines.

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If your car has an automatic emergency braking (AEB) system, then riding your brakes can eventually lead to an accident.

4: Eating in your car

With drive-thrus nearby and yummy food all over the town, it is hard to refrain from eating the crunch fries in your car.

However, constantly eating in your car can cause mess and spillages as well as distract you while driving.

Not only is it a matter of cleanliness, but eating in your car can double the number of bacteria in your food kept at a temperature between 40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

To avoid creating a mess and bacteria, try to not eat in your car. It also doesn't help with the smell.

5: Smoking inside the car

As obvious as it sounds, smoking in the car can wreck your vehicle.

It can impair the interior plastics and fabrics and also give them a funky smell.

The smell can stick to your car, so it is best to refrain from smoking inside the car.

6: Not slowing down on speed bumps

Just like the name, speed bumps are a hint to slow down while driving.

If you choose to just speed over, then your vehicle might later create suspension and tire issues.

Steering components can also be damaged by speeding over, so it is best to pay attention and slow down on these bumps.

7: Not changing your tires out every winter

If your area snows during the winter, it is a good plan to switch back to your winter tires when the snow season begins.

You have to remember to switch them back to summer tires once spring hits to avoid heat damage.

8: Neglecting tire pressures

If your tire pressure light on the dashboard is trying to get your attention, it is important to give it some.

Ignoring the tire pressure light can damage your fuel economy.

Check your tire pressures monthly and follow the instructions on the owner's manual. This will save your fuel economy and also get rid of the blinking light on the dashboard.

9: Not engaging the emergency brake

Emergency brakes should technically be used whenever you're parking.

If you do not utilize the emergency brake, then it may lead to the transmission bursting out of gear.

It is important to use the emergency brake whenever you park.

10: Ignoring recall mail

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If you ever receive a recall notice in the mail, it is important to pay attention to them.

Your car might need some work done to drive safely, so make sure to take advantage of the free work.

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