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I’m a finance pro and my side hustle makes me $500 – I only work 2 hours a week selling one surprising product

A FINANCE pro has revealed a fishy hobby that could make you around $500 a month with just two hours of work per week.

TikToker Humphrey Yang gave an inside look at a lucrative side hustle that involves farming baby shrimp.

A TikToker gave an inside look at Hugo, aka @shrimplabusa's, shrimp side hustleCredit: Instagram
The savvy hustler makes about $500 a month just from breeding and selling a tank of shrimpCredit: TikTok

"You've never seen a side hustle that involved breeding and selling shrimp before," the TikToker said in a viral video.

"You can start it for about $250 and be making close to $125 a week within a few months."

Yang chatted with Hugo, aka @shrimplabusa, who showed off his shockingly unique business.

The TikTok showed a pretty sizeable setup that included some massive tanks filled with baby shrimps.

"The tank setup will run you $150 total and then you'll need six red tiget pinto shrimp," Yang said.

"These will run you $20 each, and the pack of shrimp food will cost you $10 and last about 90 days."

Next, you have to manipulate the conditions of your tank to encourage your new pets to procreate.

"By keeping the water at a high acidity and comfortable temperature, your shrimp will start breeding in 2 months," he said.

Shrimp usually carry around 15 eggs, meaning you could potentially have 30 more shrimp after buying just 2 females.

"Females can breed once a month," Yang said.

"Once the babies have grown for a month, that's when you can sell each for $15."

With just one tank, you can take home around $500 a month from selling your babies once they're all grown.

Hugo has even more tanks and said that it takes around 2 hours of maintenance a week to keep up the side hustle.

More side hustles

This comes as another TikToker Christina said she was able to quit her full-time job once she realized her print-on-demand side hustle was much more lucrative.

The hustler, who goes by the name of c.u.online on TikTok, now offers training and helpful tips to those looking to get started.

She recently posted a TikTok revealing how easy the process is.

Christina said this hustle is perfect for people with little to no technical or marketing skills.

Plus, you won’t even have to show your face while working.

She also stressed that printing on demand is more than just shirts and other clothing.

Christina said people have great success printing products like:

  • Journals 
  • Puzzles
  • Wall art
  • Pet collars
  • Socks/underwear
  • Plates
  • Doormats
  • Tapestries

Getting started

Getting started is easy and can even happen in just a day.

The first thing you need to do is create an Etsy account and then set up your Etsy shop.

This means adding a bio so people in the Etsy community can get to know you and your products.

Next, you'll need to find a supplier.

Christina suggested using Printify, but there are tons to choose from.

Printify allows users the option to print a wide variety of products.

They have about five categories: women's, men's, children's clothing, accessories, and home goods.

Christina said to connect your Etsy store to Printify for seamless printing, inventory, and shipping.

Next, you'll head to Canva and create a design for any product you choose.

You'll then want to save that design and fill out the product information on the item you created including a title and pricing.

Once that is complete, you can publish it to your Etsy store and wait for buyers.

When someone chooses your product and you get a sale, you do not need to do anything.

Printify will automatically send you a notification that the item sold will be shipped and printed to the customer for you.

If you earn extra cash from side hustles, keep in mind that the earnings are taxable.

The U.S. Sun revealed another easy side hustle to make you an extra $5,000 per month without leaving your home.

Plus, an ex-Wall Streeter left his job for a super-easy side hustle earning $10k a month just for going to parties.