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Universal basic income payment schedule — Applications for $500 direct payments close TOMORROW — apply for cash now

20 cities and states offering UBI payments up to $18,000
UBI payments in each state in 2022 - a guide to monthly cash

THE deadline for applications for the nation's largest universal basic income program in Chicago is TOMORROW.

Applications for the Chicago Resilient Communities Pilot close on May 13, which is this Friday.

Roughly 5,000 low-income households in Chicago will get $500 per month for a year under the $31million program that is set to benefit families facing economic hardship.

Applications opened on April 25 and will close on Friday at 11.59pm CT.

To qualify, residents must live in the city of Chicago, be 18 years or older, have experienced economic hardship related to Covid-19, and have a household income at or below 250 percent of the federal poverty level.

To learn more about applying, families may visit chicago.gov/cashpilot.

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  • Amanda Castro

    Monthly allowance in California

    A long-term income program titled “Breathe” will award 1,000 Los Angeles County residents with monthly $1,000 payments for three years.

    The lucky California residents will be randomly selected from the pool of applicants who meet the various eligibility requirements.

    The program accepted applicants from March 31 until April 13.

  • Amanda Castro

    Does UBI work?

    Smaller-scale UBI implementation studies and pilot projects have been done in various areas across Africa, Asia, and North America, demonstrating the favorable effects of guaranteed income and UBI, Drexel University reported.

  • Amanda Castro

    Part-time employment increases with UBI

    Cash payments, say UBI opponents, discourage people from working; however, analyses of the Alaska Permanent Fund income transfer program reveal that the payments had no detrimental impact on employment.

    Part-time employment actually climbed by 17 percent.

    Concerns about whether or not individuals are “willing to work” are based on faulty labor perceptions, according to Drexel.edu.

    Employers, on the other hand, are afraid that individuals may refuse to work for poor pay and harmful working conditions.

    In order to recruit and retain employees, UBI will challenge low-paying occupations and persuade firms to pay a livable wage and provide health and family benefits.

  • Amanda Castro

    UBI use study

    According to research conducted as part of the Universal Basic Income initiative and cited by local media outlet Finger Lakes 1:

    • 28 percent of funding went to food
    • 28 percent of funding went to services
    • 24 percent of funding went to sales and merchandise
  • Amanda Castro

    Android app for crypto-based UBI

    GoodDollar, a community-driven and non-profit blockchain network, has released its native Android app, the latest addition to its lengthy list of plans for 2022, according to TipRanks.

    Since its test release in December, the newly released software has been downloaded by more than 27,000 people.

    The GoodDollar team published the GoodDollar V2 update in December 2021 to offer more functionality to its V1 protocol.

    The V2 update was a huge success in terms of giving its worldwide community all of the tools they need to guarantee that its crypto-based universal basic income continues to be delivered to everyone.

  • Amanda Castro

    Guaranteed income in Boulder

    The City of Boulder, Colorado plans to launch a new guaranteed income pilot by the end of the year, according to KDVR.com.

    The city put aside $250,000 in federal funds from the American Rescue Plan in March to act as the program’s initial building brick.

    Senior Project Manager for the City of Boulder Housing and Human Services Elizabeth Crowe said that the pilot has received a total budget request of $3million and that they are actively seeking commercial partnerships to assist with finance.

  • Amanda Castro

    Ireland basic income for struggling artists

    Ireland’s government recently authorized a three-year pilot plan for basic income for artists.

    A total of 2,000 artists will be chosen at random and will receive $424 every week.

    The trial was set to begin later in April.

    The plan, which would cost $45million each year, is based on a suggestion by the Arts and Culture Recovery Taskforce, which was created in 2020 to look into how the industry may recover from the Covid-19 pandemic’s effect.

    The plan’s overall goal, according to Euractiv.com, is to alleviate the income precarity that typically results from the type of periodic, project-based labor seen in the arts.

  • Amanda Castro

    UBI to California colleges

    As part of the state legislature’s newest attempt at a guaranteed basic income proposal, California may send $500 a month to college students from low-income households with no strings attached.

    According to the Los Angeles Times, Sen Dave Cortese is exploring legislation that would establish a pilot program at certain California State University campuses, providing monthly stipends for a year to students whose families earn in the state’s poorest 20 percent.

    A total of 14,000 students may be qualified to receive the payments.

  • Amanda Castro

    Guaranteed income in Ann Arbor

    City Council members for Ann Arbor, Michigan, voted to launch a universal basic income program for 100 low-income families on Tuesday, WXYZ reported.

    The City Council is planning on providing those who were most affected by the pandemic with monthly payments of $500.

    Council members said that the United Way and the University of Michigan were looking to partner on this program.

  • Amanda Castro

    Austin’s guaranteed income program, continued

    The launch of this program will expand on another guaranteed income pilot that just finished in the surrounding area.

    That one was funded through charitable groups and the California-based nonprofit UpTogether, which advocates for people in “historically undervalued communities.”

  • Amanda Castro

    Austin launches guaranteed income pilot program

    Austin, Texas is getting ready to launch a pilot program that will give residents facing extreme hardship $1,000 per month for a year.

    The program will have 85 participants, reports KXAN.

    At this time the eligibility requirements and application process is not yet known.

  • Amanda Castro

    UBI for high school students, continued

    The bill was cleared by the California Senate Education Committee.

    If passed, the guaranteed income program would begin after graduation and last for about five months until students begin college, vocational training, or enter the workforce.

    According to the California Department of Education, the 2020-2021 school year had over 183,000 California students that met the federal definition of homelessness.

    Of those, 15,000 were seniors.

  • Amanda Castro

    Possible UBI for high school students

    Silicon Valley High School students may be getting a UBI program.

    As homelessness continues to ravage California, the new proposal from State Senator Dave Cortese would offer $1,000 a month to about 15,000 high school seniors dealing with homelessness.

    Bill SB 1341 is also known as the California Success, Opportunity, and Academic Resilience (SOAR).

  • Amanda Castro

    UBI improves mental health outcomes

    UBI has been associated with better mental health results in Canada, according to Drexel.edu.

    In comparison to those receiving conditional income support, income supplement recipients reported higher mental and functional health.

    In a Manitoba study, people who received unconditional cash transfers had fewer hospitalizations and admissions for mental health difficulties.

    The Ontario Basic Income Experiment found that those who received a basic income had better mental health and social interactions, as well as more home stability.

  • Amanda Castro

    UBI improves quality of life, part three

    In Jackson, Mississippi, the Magnolia Mother’s Trust began a trial program to provide $1,000 monthly payments to African-American moms earning modest earnings.

    It was successful in boosting the number of participants who cooked three meals per day for their families, as well as the number of beneficiaries who were able to pay all of their expenses without assistance, according to Drexel.edu.

  • Amanda Castro

    UBI improves quality of life, part two

    The Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration (SEED), a $500-per-month basic income pilot program, showed that beneficiaries spent their money on food, energy bills, and credit card debt.

    Recipients also stated that they felt less worried and spent more time with their families, according to Drexel.edu.

  • Amanda Castro

    UBI improves quality of life

    In various social determinants of health, including higher educational performance, fewer instances of psychological distress, and improved child health outcomes, UBI pilots reveal enhanced health and quality of life, according to Drexel University.

    Despite the worldwide food chain disruptions induced by the Covid-19 pandemic, receivers of UBI-type payments reported fewer occurrences of hunger, disease, and sadness, according to new data from Kenya.

    Guaranteed income may help families stay afloat through economic and health crises, as Kenya’s model demonstrates.

  • Amanda Castro

    States giving UBI to citizens: Alaska

    Alaska has been issuing payments to its inhabitants under the Alaska Permanent Fund for some time.

    The fund, which has been operational since 1982, was created to provide a share of state oil income to state residents. The sovereign wealth fund distributes annual payouts to residents who qualify.

    You must have lived in Alaska for at least a year to qualify, but you are ineligible if you have been convicted of state felony or imprisoned.

    Last year’s payout, totaling $1,114 per individual, was distributed to 643,000 Alaskans. The most money was paid out in 2008 when it was $2,069.

  • Amanda Castro

    States giving UBI to citizens: Arizona

    Families in need in Phoenix, Arizona, were able to pick up $2,000 debit cards in February as part of a city financial assistance program.

    Normally, qualifying families receive $1,000 each month; however, because there were no payments in January, they received $2,000 in February.

    Participants were given a link to set up for an appointment and pick up their cards after completing the program.

    A family of four’s wages must not surpass 80 percent of the area’s median income, which is $63,200, to be eligible.

  • Amanda Castro

    States giving UBI to citizens: Illinois

    The City Council of Chicago adopted a budget in October that included a year of $500 monthly payments to 5,000 households.

    However, no checks have yet been issued. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, not even a single application has been approved.

    According to Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s office, an announcement about “detailed qualifying requirements and the application process” was supposed to be made in February.

  • Amanda Castro

    States giving UBI to citizens: North Carolina, part two

    Durham, North Carolina, inaugurated its Excel pilot program in December 2021, which provides $500 monthly payments for a year.

    Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey will contribute the majority of the $700,000 pilot program’s funding.

    Participants must be at least 18 years old and have served time in prison.

    While there is no necessity to work, if you do, your income must not exceed 60 percent of the area’s median income.

    In addition, the incarceration must have occurred within the past five years.

  • Amanda Castro

    Pros of UBI

    According to ProCon.org, the top three pros of Universal Basic Income are:

    • UBI enhances physical and mental health while reducing poverty and financial inequality
    • UBI results in increased employment growth and a reduction in school dropout rates
    • UBI provides a source of income for non-working parents and carers, empowering women in historically unpaid jobs
  • Amanda Castro

    States giving UBI to citizens: North Carolina

    A city initiative in Columbia, South Carolina, can help struggling fathers on a regular basis.

    Last year, 100 low-income fathers in Columbia received $500 debit cards.

    They’ll keep getting those payouts for a few more months.

  • Amanda Castro

    States giving UBI to citizens: Georgia, part two

    Second, the IMPACT program in Atlanta will assist 300 citizens who are at least 18 years old and live below the federal poverty level.

    Accepted applicants will get $500 per month in guaranteed income for a 12-month period.

    This program’s application period began on January 26 and ended on February 2.

  • Amanda Castro

    States giving UBI to citizens: Georgia

    Georgia offers two universal basic income (UBI) initiatives that benefit women and low-income individuals.

    For starters, 650 Black women in Georgia will get $850 every month for the next two years.

    The Georgia Resilience and Opportunity Fund will launch the initiative in early 2022, with a budget of roughly $13 million.

    It will be offered in Atlanta’s historic Old Fourth Ward at first, but will eventually be expanded to at least two more locations in Southwest Georgia and the Atlanta suburbs.