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A VLOGGER has shared the four-step beauty routine that she says is her secret to keeping her skin looking young.

In a YouTube video, Hattie Heo shared the products she uses to revitalize her skin as she counts down to her big wedding day.

Vlogger Hattie Hero shares her four-step beauty routine that makers her look like a 'velvet goddess'Credit: YouTube
Heo uses skincare products by the Korean-brand NumbuzinCredit: YouTube

YouTuber Hattie lives in Seoul, Korea, and uses her channel to share vlogs about her life.

At the start of the YouTube video, it becomes apparent that she is 21 days out from her wedding and plans to keep her skin healthy for as long as possible until then.

The purpose of the video is to show how her skin looked three weeks before her wedding compared to how it glowed one week before her big day.

Hattie begins the video by showing viewers what her skin texture looks like three weeks before her wedding.

"I feel like I look like a diamond. My face is so much smoother these days, and it's so much clearer. I feel like my skin looks more alive, and I'm going to tell you how I did that," she confidently states.

The first skincare product she shows viewers is the Numbuzin No.3 Super Glowing Essence Toner, $20.70.

"When you put it on your skin, it makes your skin feel like silk and velvet. It's really, really nice," she gushes.

"You can either pour it into your hand or onto a cotton ball and simply swab it across your face."

She says the number on the bottle corresponds to a certain skin goal and specific skin conditions it's combating.

Hattie applies it onto square-shaped cotton swabs and presses them onto her forward and cheeks to let her skin soak in the product, before swiping them across her face.

The second product she shares with viewers is apparently her holy grail, the No.3 Skin Softening Serum, $25.20.

Though she does mention that she started off originally with the No. 6 Deep Sleep Mask Serum, $25.20, because it is meant to really hydrate the skin.

The content creator says the Super Glowing Essence Toner makes her skin feel like silkCredit: YouTube

"Obviously, for my wedding, I want to glow bright like a diamond, and this is really, really, really helping me," she claims.

She proceeds to add that her pores have gotten much smaller since using the serum and that she believes it will give her the healthy glow she wants on her big day.

The third product she displays is the No.3 Tingle-Pore Softening Sheet Mask, $14.40, which comes four in a pack.

She enjoys it because it offers the effect of using the No. 3 serum for two weeks in just one use that takes no more than 15 minutes.

Heo claims that the Skin Softening Serum is her holy grailCredit: YouTube

"It's gonna decrease your pore size by 40% in just a single use," she declares.

Heo then admits that leading up to the wedding she does not want to wear any makeup that could potentially block her pore, cause a flare-up or leave a blemish.

In 2021, Numbuzin was voted the top skincare brand by YouTubers among almost 3,000 Korean beauty brands.

On days when she wants to wear a bit of makeup, she wears the No. 3 Porcelain Base-skip Tone Up Beige, $17.10, as a tinted moisturizer that has SPF 50+, sheer coverage, and a powder effect.

Heo enjoys the Pore-Softening Sheet Mask because it offers the effect of using the No. 3 serum in just one single useCredit: YouTube

"But if I use this, it means that this an all-in-one so I don't have to keep putting sunscreen on my face, plus concealer, plus that sort of thing," she says. "It really evens out my skintone as well because sometimes I get redness around my nose."

She then shows the application process on the left and right sides of her face to compare how light the beauty product is, giving a clean no-makeup look.

"It just makes me look that extra bit put together, like I've actually put some effort into my makeup," she voices as the video comes to a close.

Her skincare haul was both entertaining and informative, with viewers expressing their satisfaction with the end result of the video.

"I love how she can make a skincare video soooooo entertaining Listen to the skincare goddess everyone, go get those stuff!!!" one user commented.

"Korean skincare has seriously great ingredients. Plus they’re really affordable. Didn’t know about Numbuzin yet, but sounds great so far! Willing to try all of em. Thanks for the vid!" another added.

Heo says the Porcelain Base Skip Tone-Up Beige tinted moisturizer evens out her skin really wellCredit: YouTube