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All of us enjoy getting away to the coffee shop for a hit of caffeine.

But when you have your kids with you it can get pricey buying everyone a drink.

The mum shared an easy way to get your child a Starbucks drink without paying full priceCredit: tiktok.com/@kurinadele

But one mum has revealed a clever way to cut the costs without leaving your children out.

Sharing her hack on TikTok, Kurin Emerick, revealed how to get a 'fancy' drink for your kid without the pricetag.

She said: "Starbucks hack for kiddos that like to steal your drink."

Kurin recommended asking the barista for a cup of milk, and a scoop of their strawberry bits.

The mum added: "It's cheap, looks fancy and they get their own special Starbs drink."

The cost of a cup of milk with a scoop of strawberries is far less than ordering a frappuccino or ice drink on the menu.

The mum wrote in the comments that the drink cost her around $3 (£2.66), instead of the usual £5 for a frappuccino.

Plus, it makes them feel included and they won't be trying to steal yours.

Parents quickly took to the comments section to thank Kurin for the idea and others recommended their own child-friendly drinks.

One wrote: "This is so smart lol."

Another person commented: "Thank you!"

A third suggested: "Mine likes plain apple juice blended."

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "My boy gets a pup cup, and it's free."

"So smart," penned a fifth person.

Parents exclaimed that the easy hack was so smartCredit: tiktok.com/@kurinadele