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I’m an interior design pro – 7 ‘style sins’ to avoid in your living room and the mistake that makes your home look cheap

HOW you keep your home can say a lot about you, but there might be some small oversights which are making it look cluttered and tacky.

Interior design experts have unveiled the top sins which are making your living room look cheaper.

The experts at Domain recommend avoiding clutter in your home and instead opting for more classy décorCredit: Getty

The interior design experts at Domain have shared the seven style sins they say are making your living room look tacky.

The common mistakes are making your living space appear more cluttered and can be easily avoided.


The experts at Domain had firm thoughts when it comes to word art décor in your living room.

They said: "There’s only one thing to say when it comes to the trend for decorating walls and shelves with words and that’s 'no.'"

So resist the temptation to plaster 'Live Laugh Love' across your walls if you want to avoid this deadly style sin.


"What we’re not fans of are the kind of portraits where the whole family is wearing jeans and a linen shirt, grouped together in a park setting with teenagers looking like they want to die," said the interior designers.

Save your teenagers from reliving their embarrassment every time they enter your living room and opt for candid-style shots instead.

The experts explained: "The best [photos] are those that capture genuine moments of happiness or reflection, as if the subject was unaware of the photographer’s presence."


According to the experts at Domain, leaving newspapers strewn across your coffee table is not giving off the quirky look you may be going for.

"Even if you think you’ve stacked them artistically in a corner, no-one’s believing your pile of crumpled newspapers is a style statement," they explained.

Recycling or repurposing this clutter will make your room look cleaner and free up surface space.

The interior design experts advised against keeping old newspapers in your living room as it can create a cluttered lookCredit: Getty Images


From kindergartners to college students, bean bags are a staple in a lot of homes, but that doesn't mean you should fall victim to this interior design sin.

"Beanbags that make us wince may feature Disney characters, unicorns, and rockets," the experts said.

They suggested keeping these comfortable yet tacky seats in your little one's bedroom to avoid a cluttered look in your living room.

The interior design professionals added that if you're willing to spend a lot, sheepskin seats are the "epitome of stylish."

The interior designers suggested opting for neutral bean bags instead of furniture which features cartoon charactersCredit: Getty Images


The interior design experts explained: "No one wants to take away from little Timmy’s first place in the 100m dash, they just want to take evidence of it away from the lounge."

Instead of displaying your prizes in your living room, the experts suggested opting for shelves in a games room or a even a pinboard in your bedroom or office.

Freeing your living space of these items will help create a cleaner and less cluttered look.

The experts recommended storing your trophies and medals in your bedroom or office and not in your living spaceCredit: Getty Images


The experts at Domain emphasized the importance of size when it comes to choosing a rug for your space.

"A rug that’s too small will pull your space in, making it seem smaller than it is and that doesn’t seem to be a look anyone aspires to," they explained.

The experts suggested measuring your floor before you buy anything and making sure your rug has a touch point with all furniture.


Opting for fake plants over real ones can seem like an easy and convenient choice for a lot of people.

While you can purchase realistic faux foliage at a higher price, most fake plants come across as cheap and tacky, and only worsen with age.

It may be worth your while to invest in a few real plants to class up your home.

"If you’re worried about your green thumb abilities, try your luck with hard-to-kill varieties including snake plant, peace lilies or devil’s ivy," the experts at Domain suggested.

The interior design experts recommended opting for real plants and bigger rugs in your living roomCredit: Getty