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Why you shouldn’t throw out leftover coffee – and the genius way you can use it instead

IT can be difficult to focus on anything before your morning cup of coffee.

You may even find yourself making more morning brew than you need, and before you know it, you're left with too much coffee – but don't pour it out just yet.

TikTok account Problem Solved shared an easy hack to reduce waste and make your coffee go furtherCredit: TikTok/@problemsolved

TikTok account Problem Solved has shared a handy use for your leftover coffee.

"If you have some extra coffee, go ahead and freeze it," said the host of the tutorial.

This trick will let you enjoy delicious iced coffee, without diluting the flavor, as well as save you money.

"Or use the cubes with your favorite milk or creamer. As those cubes melt, you’ll get all that delicious coffee flavor," suggested the host.

TikTok users praised the simple, eco-friendly hack in the comments section.

One viewer wrote: "Great idea for my zero-waste journey!!!"

"Coffee cubes! Why didn’t I think of that!" commented another user.

A third follower said: "I love this I'm going to do it tomorrow."

Even non-coffee drinkers liked the idea.

One person said: "Don’t drink coffee but that’s smart."

Problem Solved suggests pouring your leftover coffee into ice cube trays and using it for iced coffeeCredit: TikTok/@problemsolved