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SHOPPING for swimwear can be dispiriting when you have a larger chest, and some items feel off-limits.

Anyone with big boobs knows that fitting into strapless swimwear is a challenge. Now, though, you can wear strapless swimsuits poolside, thanks to one woman's genius hack.

Fashion influencer April Golightly shared her secret for wearing strapless swimwearCredit: YouTube/April Golightly

April Golightly is a YouTube personality who shares brilliant tips for women with larger chests, from bra sizing advice to common fashion mistakes.

In a recent video, she shares the trick that changed her summer wardrobe, and she actually learned it from her mother.

"Before I learned this hack, I was very limited with the bathing suits I could choose," Golightly explained in a video.

When she went bathing suit shopping, she was restricted to supportive styles that were strappy enough to give her lift and keep her chest in place.

"With this hack, other bathing suit options are opened up," Golightly said.

She showed clips of herself sporting fashionable, strapless styles, and then revealed the secret underneath.

Golightly revealed the bra hidden under her swimsuit as she lounged by the poolCredit: YouTube/April Golightly

"I have my strapless bra, that I wear all the time, under my bathing suit," Golightly admitted.

She gave viewers a peek underneath her bathing suit, where, completely undetected, her bra was hiding.

"I could never wear this bathing suit before," Golightly said, showing off a super-trendy Amazon swimsuit that would not support her chest on its own.

The extra support under her swimwear revolutionized Golightly's summer wardrobe.

Without a bra, Golightly's chest risked falling out the bottom of this swimsuitCredit: YouTube/April Golightly
With a bra underneath, her breasts were lifted and the suit fit much betterCredit: YouTube/April Golightly

"I'm so excited that my mom gave me this gift of this hack," she added.

There are some limitations to the hack – namely, wearing a bra under the swimsuit prevents full-body swimming – but it works perfectly for poolside lounging and wading at the beach.

And modifications are fine, too. Golightly even said that she altered her mother's take on the hack to fit her own style.

For example, for a swim-friendly version of the strategy, you could layer a plain but supportive strapless bikini top underneath the swimsuit instead.

Golightly encouraged viewers to play around with the options from their own closets, and be open to trying new and unexpected combinations.

"When you have big girls, you have big girls, and you learn some things," she said.

Golightly said she never could've worn this trendy swimsuit before her hackCredit: YouTube/April Golightly