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I’ve told my pregnant 20-year-old daughter to get an abortion – I don’t want to be stuck bringing up the baby

A WOMAN has sparked a fierce debate after admitting she's trying to convince her unmarried 20-year-old pregnant daughter to have an abortion.

Cathy, 48, called in to Australia's Kyle and Jackie O show to reveal her situation, explaining that she's asked her daughter - who is six weeks' pregnant and still lives at home - to either get rid of the baby or marry her baby daddy.

A mum called in to an Australian radio show to admit she's trying to convince her pregnant 20-year-old daughter to have an abortionCredit: Getty

"I grew up in very strict home, in those days you got married - you didn't have a baby without getting married," she said.

"It's a baby, it's not a dog.

"We've been fighting about it, I told her that I'd like her to get married but she's not interested in get married."

When asked by host Kyle if she'd be happy for her daughter to have a baby if she was married and "going forward in life the way you think it should happen", Cathy replied, "Yes I do".

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Jackie O added that Cathy had a "big call" by saying that her daughter should get an abortion because of an "antiquated belief".

But Cathy hit back, insisting she doesn't think that her daughter or her boyfriend of two years are emotionally ready to start a family.

"What if this guy just decides to p**s off? Then what? I'm going to be with the baby and the child... It's the commitment," she said.

"I also need her to understand that if she does go ahead with this she's going to have to work out how she's going to do this, both of them, financially.

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"How are they going to support a child when she won't be able to work?"

After the radio presenters asked people to call in to have their say on Cathy's situation, they were inundated with people wanting to weigh in on the debate.

"You can't control your daughter's life she's 20 years old for god's sake, she's an adult not a teenager," caller Matt said, calling Cathy "disgusting".

But another person took Cathy's side, insisting: "No matter what anyone says this child is going to be left on Cathy - the daughter is going to be so overwhelmed she's going to say 'mum you deal with it'."

"Who died and made you God?" someone else argued.

"You don't know Cathy's daughter, you don't know what she's capable of.

"Cathy doesn't have the confidence in her own daughter to even raise a child."

Cathy concluded the radio segment by saying she's now planning to have another conversation with her daughter and try and reach some kind of compromise.

"I will sit down with her we will try and have another discussion," she said.

"I will sit down with both of them and we will see if we can work our way through this."