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I work at Taco Bell – there is a tedious reason your food always looks the same & it’s even led to customer meltdowns

A TACO BELL worker has spilled the beans on the tedious reason your food orders at the chain always look remarkably the same.

The employee said it's even led to some customers having meltdowns.

A Taco Bell manager reveals the extreme precision it takes to assemble each menu item, and why it can disgruntle some customersCredit: Getty

An un-named manager, who has been with the popular taco chain for three years, spoke with Thrillist about the inner workings of the global brand, on the condition of anonymity.

The 22-year-old said: "Everything that comes out of our kitchen is weighed on a digital scale.

"If the weight is .3oz off what it's supposed to be, we have to throw that item away."

He also revealed: "We all train with a scale, and we have to get used to doling out the ingredients precisely, in order to make everything the correct weight in the end. It's very hard to get that right."

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The midwest manager claimed: "They say Taco Bell is the hardest fast-food restaurant to work at, and I believe that.

"Not only is the menu always changing, but we are extremely precise with how we make our food."

"For example, a crunchy taco is one scoop beef, one finger pinch of cheese, and two-finger pinches of lettuce," he also told Thrillist.

"If we want to make it supreme, we step it up to two-finger pinches of cheese and three of lettuce."

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It's that precision that makes everything look and weigh the same across its franchises.

"For someone to be able to work the line competently, it takes at least two months, sometimes longer, to memorize the entire menu," the manager revealed.

He also claims: "Our method of preparation is completely unlike any other fast-food restaurant."

That level of precision, and the fact menu selections can be customized, means every item is put together with individual ingredients by hand and can take longer to prepare.

The manager says long wait times can lead to some patrons losing their cool, or having a meltdown.

He described what one disgruntled taco tirade allegedly looked like.

"This one guy had to wait a little bit longer for his food," he said.

"He had a big order, like a dozen or so things, and we had to remake a couple things because of the weight issue."

The manager claims when the customer finally got the order about 10 minutes later, he took the bag and dumped all the contents on the counter, and walked out.

All that being said, the 22-year-old, who has worked in a lot of different fast-food restaurants says, "Taco Bell is definitely the best in terms of quality."

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It comes after another Taco Bell employee revealed the real reason why your drive-thru order gets messed up.

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