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KEEN cleaners want to blitz the stubborn grime from their homes, but the place the provides the most grief is always the oven.

Burnt on food can stain and make it impossible to restore oven racks to their original gleaming glory.

TikToker Carolina gave fans an easy hack for cleaning oven racksCredit: TikTok/Carolina.McCauley
The TikToker explained that you just need one household item that's already in your kitchenCredit: TikTok/Carolina.McCauley
The tip is so good, you don't even need to scrub the racks to get them sparklingCredit: TikTok/Carolina.McCauley

But a mum-of-two revealed how you can blitz your inner oven shelves without putting in any elbow grease.

Australian mum Carolina McCauley shared her insider hack and all you need is a simple household item, that's probably already in your kitchen.

Taking to TikTok the mum explained that she blitzes the filthy oven racks in the bath with piping hot water and two dishwasher tablets.

She said: "Here's my secret hack for cleaning oven racks without scrubbing."

Before they went into the tub, the racks were covered with baked on grime.

But it didn't take long for the food stains to lift as after three hours they were completely restored to their former glory.

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The straight forward tip is effective as dishwasher tabs are specially designed to tackle that tough to shift baked on grime.

The video has been viewed more than 46,000 times by fellow TikTokers impressed by the hack.

One person said: "Oh this is GOOD!"

While another added: "This really works too! I tried it."

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