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DEBORAH James is in hospital after a septic infection left her with a terrifying 40 degree fever.

The Sun columnist, who has incurable bowel cancer, explained she had become "really unwell" on Tuesday and has been in The Royal Marsden Hospital ever since.

Deborah shared snaps from her hospital bed while updating her legion of followersCredit: Instagram/@bowelbabe/
Her adoring mum Heather was at her bedside as she battles sepsisCredit: Instagram/@bowelbabe/

Although she admitted it is "not my idea of a fun weekend", the brave mum-of-two still managed to be a pillar of strength.

The 40-year-old shared snaps with mum Heather by her bedside while detailing how she ended back as an inpatient.

Deborah wrote in an Instagram post: "To cut a very long story short! The infection we've been trying to keep at bay with IV antibiotics - well it didn't work!

"And on Tuesday I became septic with 40 degree fevers and really unwell. But the team here at the @royalmarsden have been incredible.

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"Since then we found out I have a few sources of infection. So yesterday I had to have my port out! Gutted!

"5 years this baby has served me well - but right now I need it out to stop an infection - I was actually so sad! Can have another one soon!"

The courageous columnist even jokingly added James Blunt's hit song, Goodbye My Lover, to her story upload.

Deborah continued: "We also found out that my main source of infection in my liver which we've known about - due to the IV antibiotics created an abscess - so it's been drained for a few days to help heal it faster!

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"But almost immediately my infection improved."

She said she is now "resting and recovering" while assuring her followers she was "weirdly ok" as her medication kicks in.

Deborah excitedly discussed how her beloved daughter Eloise was also coming to visit her, which she described as "amazing".

"I'm going to relax, prob [sic] buy too many things online, watch movies a lot and keep smiling," she added.

It's not the first time she's had a run-in with the sinister infection sepsis, as Deborah was struck down by it several times last year.

I'm going to relax, prob buy too many things online, watch movies a lot and keep smiling.

Deborah James

The 40-year-old, known as BowelBabe on Instagram, was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer in 2016, at the age of 35.

But she has continued to defy the odds by living at least five years after her diagnosis, which she never dreamed possible. 

Doctors said that, due to an aggressive mutation in her cancer, most people like her "live for about seven months, two-and-a-half years at best".

Deborah has shared every step of her harrowing journey with her legion of followers as well as in her Sun column, Things Cancer Made Me Say.

She recently told how vile trolls had accused her of "sexualising cancer, of pouting too much and acting like a teenager."

But the inspirational mum hit back, saying: " I make no excuse for who I am. I wear short skirts, I dance and pout and pose . . . and I love it. I’ve done naked photoshoots and would do one again.

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"I firmly believe we should all have the freedom to choose what is right for ourselves. And we should not be judged by other people’s standards.

"I haven’t spent the past five years desperately trying to live to old age to be told how I should behave, if I have the luxury of making it that far."

The mum-of-two has continued to defy the odds while battling bowel cancer