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I was on Love Island and there are four HUGE things the show is BANNED from showing you

Love Island will explode back onto our screens in a matter of weeks, but last year’s breakout star Liberty Poole has revealed the moments that will be BANNED from making it on TV.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Liberty, 22, explained there are certain things that happen during filming for the smash-hit series which ITV2 won’t allow to be screened.

Liberty has lifted the lid on what doesn't make it on TV in Love IslandCredit: instagram
Liberty dated Jake in the villa but things didn't work outCredit: Rex
One moment of the girls around the firepit was cut from the showCredit: Rex

This includes any moments in the villa where a contestant bursts into song, or any footage where the producers speak directly to the islanders.

The reality star explains: “You’ll never see us singing because you can’t have music in the show for copyright reasons, so they aren’t allowed to show certain scenes if someone starts singing in the middle of a conversation."

Liberty, who was coupled up with Jake Cornish on the show, adds: “There was one night where we got the big postcard from Casa Amor and all the girls were stood around the postcard and we all started randomly singing 'Take A Bow' by Rihanna. The producers told us all to stop it.

As for those producers, Liberty reveals that there is an unseen Big Brother-style voice whose orders get blasted around the villa but will never be shown in the episode.

“Viewers will never hear it, but there is a ‘Voice of God’ that is projected on speakers, giving us instructions like ‘Islanders, go the the firepit.’”

Liberty even reveals that producers control when they sleep.

“The voice will tell us: ‘Islanders, it is bed time!’ or ‘Islanders, it is time to wake up!'" Liberty explains. “That’s not something that makes it onto the show.”

When Islanders are in the beach hut venting about their frustrations or making confessions about crushing, there is also the illusion that they are alone talking to a camera.

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But Liberty reveals this is not the case.

“When you are in the beach hut, they [the producers] ask you questions,” she says, before adding that they have to answer in a very specific way.

“Because the show will never include the voice of the producers, you have to include their question as part of your answer to it, so it makes sense to the viewers watching at home when it’s edited together.”

After lifting the lid on what goes on behind the scenes, LIberty can’t wait to tune in for this year’s antics.

She says: “I’ll be glued to it. I can’t wait and feel really nostalgic. I miss the show, and would definitely do it again. If they do an all-stars season, I’d be there.”

Her advice for the next bunch of hopefuls?

“Just enjoy every second as it goes so fast. There may be hard times in there but remember where you are and to enjoy it because you only get this experience once in a lifetime.

"Also there are a lot of different opinions in there but always go with your gut on a situation and just be you. Don’t be anything that you are not, as people see right through that.”

After leaving the villa, Liberty, who also appeared on Dancing On Ice earlier this year was tipped to become a multi-millionaire after signing a string of endorsement deals.

She is currently working with self-tanning brand, Skinny Tan and raves about the benefits of a good tan.

“I really struggle to tan because I have really pale skin and I don’t like being in the sun too much because it’s dangerous,” says Liberty. “That’s why I love Skinny Tan because they have such a wide range of products. I love their Wonder Serum.”

Prior to this collaboration, however, she confesses to having her fair share of fake tan disasters.

"I used to work as a waitress at Nando's and I put fake fan on underneath my foundation as I was going out that night and some tans have a green tint," she recalls.

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"As the shift went on, I was getting greener and greener. People I worked with still won’t let me live it down. They said I looked like Princess Fiona from Shrek!"

Liberty Poole is Skinny Tan’s new brand ambassador, working with the brand to promote body confidence with tanning products which are filled with skin-loving ingredients to provide a flawless, streak-free tan.

Liberty with one of her favourite Skinny Tan products
Liberty became a fan favourite during last year's seriesCredit: Rex
The reality star on her recent holiday in LACredit: Instagram