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ANNE Heche's friends are furious over her ex Ellen DeGeneres' "horrible" reaction to her fatal car crash, a source has told The U.S. Sun. 

The tragic actress' loved ones were apparently left reeling over the former daytime TV host's statements to photographers on August 9.

Anne Heche died on Friday aged 53 after a tragic car crash last week in Los AngelesCredit: AFP
Sources close to Anne were disappointed in the comments Ellen DeGeneres made after the accidentCredit: AFP

Cameras caught Ellen out with a friend on Monday after Anne's accident, in which she crashed into a Los Angeles home speeding over 90 mph.

When asked how Anne was, Ellen responded to the Daily Mail: "We are not in touch with each other, so I would not know."

"I don't want anyone to be hurt." 

A friend close to Anne called the statement "horrible."

The pal said, "What a horrible statement, she should have said, 'I'm heartbroken!'"

"Ellen knew she was going to be asked when she went out and about.

"And she wasn't going to be asked just because they were a couple- they were the first lesbian couple who made it okay in a time when it wasn't. It was groundbreaking.

"It was absolutely shocking for Ellen to be that cold." 

"She should have said, 'I'm sending her my best wishes; I wish her the best.'

"It's so easy to be a human and to be kind, and Ellen wasn't." 

A second source close to Anne echoed the first insider's sentiments. 

"It's crazy, Ellen and Anne changed the world- they were the first couple to be out.

"For Ellen just to say, 'I don't want anyone to be hurt,' is awful." 

Immediately following the news of Anne's passing, however, Ellen released a kinder statement, tweeting: "This is a sad day.

"I'm sending Anne's children, family and friends all of my love." 


Anne was in a coma following last week's wreck in Los Angeles when she crashed her Mini Cooper into a home, leaving her with major injuries, which included an anoxic brain injury. 

Anne's close friend, Nancy Davis, announced her death on Friday in a touching Instagram tribute: "Heaven has a new Angel. My loving, kind, fun, endearing and beautiful friend @anneheche went to heaven. 

"I will miss her terribly and cherish all the beautiful memories we have shared. Anne was always the kindest, most thoughtful person who always brought out the best in me. 

"She was so supportive with anything she could do to help @racetoerasems and would always say yes when she knew she could contribute something with her time, talent and creative genius to help find a cure for MS. 

"My heart is broken 💔💔💔#heavenhasanewangel #heavenhasanotherangel😇."

Her former publicist, Rob Shuter, gave a wide-ranging interview to NewsNation Friday morning, just before the announcment of the actress' passing.

Rob said of Anne and Ellen: "The two of them came out on the red carpet to one of Anne’s premieres.

"She was so brave, it doesn’t seem like something that is relevant now because there are so many people that are out and proud.

"When Anne did this, when Ellen did this- not many people did people were still living in the closet and Anne was brave enough to brake open that door, I think that’s going to be part of her legacy.”

A rep for the actress told TMZ on Monday that Anne had slipped into a coma following the August 5 crash. 

"Shortly after the accident, Anne became unconscious, slipping into a coma and is in critical condition," the rep said. 

"She has a significant pulmonary injury requiring mechanical ventilation and burns that require surgical intervention." 

The rep also told PEOPLE: "She is in a coma and has not regained consciousness since shortly after the accident." 


Dramatic photos of the wreckage show her mangled vehicle being towed after Anne was dragged out of the flaming car by firefighters. 

The 53-year-old was seen squirming in agony on a stretcher before she was rushed to the hospital after the smash at around 11am. 

She was reportedly driving at speeds of up to 90mph before the crash, which took place in the Mar Vista area of LA. 

Video footage has shown Anne appearing to speed down a residential street in her blue Mini Cooper moments before the devastating smash. 

A neighbor at the time claimed that he heard her plow into a garage of an apartment complex while numerous residents rushed to her aid. 

But Anne instead ignored their attempts to help and put the car in reverse before zooming off again, onlookers claimed. 

She then careered through a hedge and rammed into a nearby home before her wrecked Mini Cooper burst into flames. 

The blaze engulfed the house and sent smoke billowing down the street. 

Some 59 firefighters were left battling the "stubborn flames" for 65 minutes, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department. 


Out of Aurora, Ohio, Anne came to recognition after portraying twins Vicky Hudson and Marley Love in the late '80s soap opera Another World. 

The role earned her a Daytime Emmy Award and two Soap Opera Digest Awards. 

Her career reached new heights in the late 1990s with roles in Donnie Brasco, the disaster film Volcano, the comedic film Six Days, Seven Nights, and the slasher-horror movie I Know What You Did Last Summer. 

In 1997, her relationship with DeGeneres became the subject of widespread media interest. 

Anne and Ellen were one of Hollywood's first openly gay couples until their amicably split in 2000

She is survived by her sons, Homer and Atlas, as well as her sister Abigail. 

Ellen and Anne were considered a groundbreaking couple at the time when few people were out & proudCredit: Reuters
Ellen's comment about her ex's crash on Monday was met with ire from Anne's close friendsCredit: Getty