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Jeopardy! fans rip show for ‘made up’ social media clue with slang term they’ve ‘never heard of’ on official merch

JEOPARDY! fans have ripped the show for struggling with social media slang.

Internet users spotted a "made up" clue that asked for a term they've "never heard of" on official merchandise.

Jeopardy! fans have sadly, if hilariously, slammed the show for not being up on social media slangCredit: ABC
Their official daily calendar asked fans to solve this confusing clueCredit: Reddit

Jeopardy! is currently on summer break and is airing reruns until Season 39 is broadcast on September 12th.

Ken Jennings, 48, will kick things off and host until January amid the official announcement last week that he is permanently splitting the gig with Mayim Bialik, 46.

But even in the off-season, fans are finding that the show has trouble with texting abbreviations.

A Reddit user shared a screenshot of a page from their Jeopardy! Daily Calendar item on Wednesday, and it left hundreds clueless.

The upset user captioned their post: "Jeopardy continuing their habit of basically inventing 'social media' abbreviations that no one actually uses lol."

The image showed the August 10th page - each day gives at-home fans a clue to solve with the correct response on the back.

The calendar clue read: "Tedious things warrant 'MEGO' meaning 'My Eyes' do this action."

Apparently the desired response was "My Eyes Glaze Over" - not that commenters had any idea at all.


One fan responded: "Never, EVER heard of this one."

Another wrote: "Someone should ask about these social media abbreviations for the Inside Jeopardy podcast," referring to the insider producer podcast that launched this month.

A third agreed: "If they have an 'ask the writers' episode at some point I really hope it comes up."

A third wrote in the style of Mean Girls: "Stop trying to make MEGO happen."

And a fourth who could solve it: "I think the term is 'glaze over,' but yes. Never heard of this one..."

A sixth tore on the six-decade-old however treasured trivia show: "If they are literally making them up, this presents an obvious pinning problem."

And even one more: "I asked my 17 year old if he knew. He had no idea either. And he lives on the internet."

Others called it "programmer slang" and some evoked the "fellow kids" meme - when someone old tries to act hip.

Others yet recalled a June 2022 game during Season 38 in which a "texting Abbreviations" category also went left on read, so to speak.

'PTMM?' 'FC'!?

During the June 8th game, the round left fans and players clueless.

The slang terms fans may have expected to be on-screen were nowhere to be found.

The first one read Mayim presented read, "Talk to you tomorrow, I'm 'OTB'."

Then-champ Eric Ahasic - who had just bested beloved rideshare driver Ryan Long - was able to correctly guess "Off To Bed?" but after that, they were anybody's guess, or no one's.

Mayim read another, "FC is this hopeful condition."

No player buzzed in and all three looked confused, and she broke the silence with a cheery, "Finger's crossed!"

A third read: "I've Got To Know, 'PTMM'".

"Please tell me more!" Mayim exclaimed as again no one on-stage replied and the audience laughed nervously.

The final clue read, "Where Have You Been? 'LTNS'" - once more - no reply from any player.

Mayim responded herself, "Long Time No See!"

She then joked after 4/5 clues in the category shockingly resulted in no player buzzing in: "What will those texting kids think of next?!"


Over on Twitter, fans didn't abbreviate their anger over one of the lowest-scoring sections in recent memory on-screen - and felt texting teens did not talk like that.

"Sry but no one uses those texting abbreviations #Jeopardy," one wrote.

Another bashed, "Text abbreviations we were expecting: LOL, LMAO, BRB. Text abbreviations in the clues: PTMM, LTNS."

A third accused, "I’m pretty sure those texting acronyms were made up."

Jeopardy! employs a small staff of writers that generally stay on the show for decades and write clues in the famed Sony "library" - but they may need a social media millennial for Season 39.


When the regular show returns, Ken will host from September 12th to January.

Mayim will then take over the reins in January and host until the end of the season - as much as she is available.

The Big Bang Theory actress will balance her hosting duties while filming her Fox comedy, Call Me Kat.

Mayim will also host Celebrity Jeopardy! while Ken will host the Second Chance Tournament - the cast of which was announced last week - and the Tournament of Champions is being announced Monday.

Ken and Mayim began filling in for the legendary Alex Trebek after his tragic 2020 passing and a fleet of Season 37 celebrity guest hosts, including now-disgraced Mike Richards.

The hosting slot has been a huge category of pop culture discourse this year, as the late Alex had hosted since 1984.

The correct response was 'My Eyes Glaze Over' - Mayim Bialik hosted a similar round on-screen before the 'made up' lingo on the calendarCredit: ABC
Back in June, a clue from that 'Texting Abbreviations' category was looking for 'Off To Bed'Credit: ABC
Another was 'Fingers Crossed' - the round went 4/5 unansweredCredit: ABC