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A WHEEL of Fortune winner has dropped a FLIRTY comment to Vanna White.

Pat Sajak claimed the contestant wanted to date the uncomfortable hostess.

On Friday, a Wheel of Fortune contestant motioned for Vanna White to get into the car he'd just wonCredit: ABC
Pat Sajak claimed the player wanted to date the hostess afterward, and she revealed what he saidCredit: ABC

On the season finale of Wheel of Fortune, Rob Evors, who won the June 10th game, entered a bonus round where he was eligible to win a car.

Rob correctly guessed the phrase as "Pack of Dingos," and afterward host Pat, 75, revealed he'd won a Mini Cooper.

The casual Rob, wearing an opened black button-up shirt with a black blazer, laughed in joy as Vanna, 65, motioned towards his four-wheeled prize.

That's when his comments to Vanna seemingly spun out of hand.

Rob got into the car as Vanna stood by the vehicle.

As the $71.5K winner got comfy in his new ride, he could be heard saying "Thank you!"

He then appeared to be motioning for Vanna to get into the passenger seat.

In a post-show scene, Pat asked the hostess outright if Rob had asked Vanna out.


"Am I imagining it or did he invite you into the car?" Pat asked.

Vanna diplomatically replied, "Yes he did."

The longtime pair both laughed - Vanna nervously so - as he remarked, "Just looking for material for his dating podcast."

Apparently, winner Rob has a dating podcast.

"And he could have had something as a matter of fact," Pat trailed off.

"Anything to add, subtract?" he added looking at the beloved blonde scorekeeper.

"Nope," she concluded in a dazzling blue dress with bejeweled sleeves - ending the season on some note.

One happy fan exclaimed, "Good bonus round win to wrap up Season 39!"

However, another Twitter user simply wrote, "Wow" as the clip was shared.

A third wrote on Rob, "Talk about a starving actor."

While a fourth posted, "Wheel of Fortune is really getting out of hand…"


Wheel of Fortune debuted in 1975 and airs after Jeopardy! on weeknights.

Pat joined the show in 1981 while Vanna in 1982.

Both shows were created by Merv Griffin, the gameshow great also composed the Jeopardy! music.

While the late Alex Trebek similarly joined Jeopardy! in 1984, the classic game shows have their differences.

"America's Game" doesn't have champs return after they win, perhaps why Rob felt emboldened.

But its frontman has also a few speed bumps in the flirting category.

Fans regularly call out Pat for his behavior on the show, especially toward Vanna.

Viewers slammed him for an "inappropriate question" he asked the hostess a few weeks ago.

It all started innocently enough, as Pat asked his longtime co-star if she was an "opera buff?"

Vanna replied: "I’m not a buff, but I like opera.”

That's when the longtimer made a regretful ad-lib.

“Have you ever watched opera in the buff?” Pat poked, adding, “I’m just curious.”

Vanna responded with a “No,” and forced out a laugh.

"Shame on Pat for asking Vana if she had watched opera in the buff!!!!" one fan wrote.

"Someone please replace this man." another viewer added, while a third called it "gross."

Pat sparked controversy again when another comment he made towards Vanna - the beloved letter-turner who recently appeared on Drag Race for an episode dedicated to her - resurfaced online.

In a highlight sent out by the official Wheel of Fortune social media account, Pat and Vanna celebrated a milestone in 1997.

It was the day the giant letter board went from manual, needing Vanna to (as many may remember growing up watching) turn the letters herself, to digital, requiring only a press.

While explaining the change to viewers, the host ad-libbed another controversial comment.

"This is the last night of this puzzle board. You will no longer be turning letters," Pat said, referencing his co-host.

"The new board... it's heat-activated if you will," he continued, before making the side comment, "And if anyone can heat up a board, you can."

As Pat tried to go on, poor Vanna appeared to force out an uncomfortable laugh.

Wheel of Fortune's season wrapped with this contestant, Rob, winning $71K and a carCredit: ABC
Vanna White then revealed that he wanted her to get into said car, and after the credits explained the player 'did' ask her outCredit: Getty
Pat Sajak, who has helmed 'America's Game' since the 80s with Vanna, has been knocked for his 'gross' remarks to her here and there tooCredit: Getty