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REAL Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice FINALLY apologized to nemesis Jackie Goldschneider.

The co-stars have been feuding ever since Teresa began a rumor that Jackie's husband Evan had cheated on her.

Teresa finally apologized to Jackie following their long feud
The women have been fighting all season
Teresa previously spread a rumor that Evan cheated on JackieCredit: Instagram / @jackiegoldschneider

During Wednesday's episode of the Bravo show, Teresa finally put an end to the feud when she told Jackie: "Listen, Jackie, I didn't like the way things went down yesterday and you know, I'm not trying to hurt you in any way, you or your family.

"So just, can we just drop everything?"

Jackie, 44, replied: "I would like that, I just want it to all be done.

"But do not bring up my husband anymore." 

Teresa, 48, seemed to agree with Jackie's request as she said: "It's dropped, I'm never gonna bring it up again."

Teresa owned up to her wrongdoings during the episode
Jackie asked Teresa to no longer talk about Evan

The mother-of-four explained her motive behind finally apologizing during a confessional, in which she said: "My brother asked me to make it right, so I did."

The RHONJ stars then discussed Evan, as Teresa admitted: "I just feel uncomfortable speaking to Evan about any of this.

"I guess where I come from like the wife usually makes it right with the husband, I'm kind of old school that way but I guess they have a different kind of marriage." 

Once Evan arrived to the gathering, Teresa managed to give Evan an apology.

Teresa told the couple: "I'm happy you're here.

Teresa later apologized to EvanCredit: Instagram / @jackiegoldschneider
She admitted that her brother convinced her to apologizeCredit: Getty

"Sorry about like, you know, like everything that went down, and I never want to do anything to hurt you guys in any way." 

Margaret Josephs, 53, shared her take on the apology as she told the cameras:  "Honestly, that was one of the weakest apologies, I've ever seen.

"But coming from Teresa, it was a freaking miracle."

Teresa's brother, Joe Gorga, also seemed to be happy with the apology as he told his sister: "Let me tell you something — I'm very proud of the way you handled that, you did the right thing."

The Bravo star responded: "I always do the right thing."

The feud began during the season premiereCredit: Bravo
Teresa and Jackie continued to fight in following episodesCredit: Bravo

The feud began during the season premiere of RHONJ, when Teresa stirred up trouble when she spent Evan's birthday party spreading the rumor.

Following the party, Jackie asked Teresa to sit down for a discussion about the rumor.

After Teresa refused to state that she spread the rumor without evidence, Jackie made a false claim that Gia, 20, does cocaine.

She said in a fit of rage: "I heard that Gia snorts coke at the bathroom at parties! I heard it! I don't know who I heard it from. I heard it from somebody."

Teresa angrily responded by calling Jackie a "f**king b**h" and stormed out of the room as she continued to cuss her out.

The co-stars got into a yelling match in past episodesCredit: Bravo

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The feud continued into the following episodes, while the other Bravo stars tried to persuade Teresa to apologize.

During the second episode of the season, the other women admitted to Teresa that they can see why Jackie was be offended by her claims because the rumor affected her marriage.

Melissa Gorga told Teresa: “You were 100% wrong for bringing it up at the party instead of telling it to Jackie directly.”

The longtime star became furious and she got up from the table and said: “I’m leaving, you’re all a**holes. Go f**k yourselves I’m serious.”

After Teresa slammed the door, the women followed her in the room and end up hashing it out. 

Other RHONJ stars asked Teresa to apologize