This section of IGN's Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga guide details the locations of all nineteen Datacards. Datacards can be found in the major open-world levels such as Coruscant, Mos Eisley and Niima Outpost, and are used to purchase cheats in the Holoprojector's Extras menu (along with Studs).

For a guide of all the Story Missions across all nine Episodes, check out our full Walkthrough! You can also visit our pages on All Extras you can unlock with Datacards, and all Cheat Codes.

How to Get All Datacards in The Skywalker Saga

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While all Datacards on this page are listed alphabetically based on the planet name, be sure to click the links below if you're looking for a particular Datacard location. We've organized them in chronological order, starting with the Prequel Trilogy, progressing through the Original Trilogy and then to the Sequel Trilogy.

All Datacard Locations in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga
Prequel Trilogy Datacards
Tatooine - Mos EspaCoruscant - Federal DistrictCoruscant - Uscru DistrictTatooine - Jundland Wastes
Geonosis - Stagasin HiveKashyyyk - KachirhoMustafar - Mining Complex
Original Trilogy Datacards
Tatooine - Jundland WastesTatooine - Mos EisleyYavin 4 - Great TempleHoth - Echo Base
Bespin - Cloud CityDagobah - Dragonsnake BogEndor - Ewok Village
Sequel Trilogy Datacards
Jakku - Niima OutpostTakodana - Maz's CastleCantonica - Canto BightCrait - Crait Outpost
Kef Bir - Crash SiteExegol - Sith Citadel

Prequel Trilogy Datacards

These Datacards can be acquired during the Prequel Trilogy, made up of Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Episode II: Attack of the Clones and Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

It's worth noting that the Jundland Wastes Datacard can also be accessed in the Original Trilogy, during Episode IV: A New Hope.

Tatooine - Mos Espa

The earliest Datacard in the Prequel Trilogy is in Mos Espa Datacard, and can be reached as soon as you first arrive here during Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Head to the North-Western corner of the city and you'll find a long building with lots of little doors and staircases going up them: your minimap should say "Mos Espa - Slave Quarters" above it.

Go to the Western end of this building and go around it to the North side, which is like an alley. Head all the way to the far end here where the Lego box of scraps is, then go through the doorway into a small room. Here will be some Astromech droid parts on the floor, and the Datacard!

Coruscant - Federal District


The Datacard in Coruscant's Federal District can be accessed as soon as you first visit in Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Head to the North-West corner of the district, where you'll find a large rock statue in the middle of a plaza. Check to the North of here for a red door, which is where this route begins.

On either side of the red door are vent grates, the right-hand one covered by orange Lego boxes. Smash the grates and jump down the hole to land on a walkway below.

Follow this walkway counter-clockwise around the building, and you'll eventually find a side room with a hologram wall, and two buttons. Weigh down both buttons with two members of your current party to lower the wall, letting you get the Datacard inside!

Coruscant - Uscru District

This Datacard can be found as soon as you arrive in the Uscru District, after completing the A Wrestle with Wesell Story Mission in Episode II: Attack of the Clones. You'll crash at the Southern edge of Urscu's lower section: if you bring up the Map, you'll see a ring-shape area just to the South, which is part of a tower.

To get there, look for two Lego column-tops on the railing that you can Jump to with a button prompt. This will allow you to jump over to the tower. Go to the opposite end of the tower to find the Datacard!

Tatooine - Jundland Wastes

As we noted earlier, the Datacard in the Jundland Wastes is also accessible if you play through the Original Trilogy. Our screenshots are from Episode IV because it's night-time when you first visit in Episode II, reducing visibility.
  • Requires: Jedi character

The Datacard in Jundland Wastes requires a Jedi character, so if you're just starting Episode IV, you'll need to meet Old Ben Kenobi and visit his house.

This the most lengthy journey to a Datacard: we recommend getting close to it from the bottom of the canyon and then pinning it via the Holoprojector Map. You can then follow the blue holographic markers to Ben Kenobi's home and through the path to the Datacard.

The start of the path is to the left of Ben Kenobi's house on the back cliff. Switch to a Jedi character, then climb up the wall with their lightsaber, then climb up the orange handholds.

From here you can follow the path to the left along the Twirl Poles. One of them has fallen off its socket: find it among some Lego junk and use the Force to reattach it. You'll need to do this a second time shortly after, with the missing Twirl Pole found at the bottom of the gap you're meant to cross.

After crossing the Lego Plank and encountering the hostile Jawas, you'll need to jump over a gap, and then jump up to a higher ledge like in the picture above. Luckily, Jedi and Hero characters can vault up ledges.

Up ahead you'll see one of the huge towers of Jabba's palace on the other side of a ravine. The Datacard is here, but bizarrely it doesn't appear until you get extremely close to it. Use our screenshot above to determine where it is, then take a sprinting double jump across the gap to go get it!

Geonosis - Stagasin Hive

  • Requires: Scavenger character

This Datacard requires a Scavenger, which you won't have if you've started with the Prequel Trilogy. The quickest way to get one is to complete the first Story Mission of Episode VII: The Force Awakens, called First Order of Business. Once you're done, tend to Rey's Scraps for Scraps task so that you get her three Scavenger Tools, which are required for pretty much everything that needs a Scavenger.

The Datacard will be close to where you land on Geonosis, and thus is revealed on the map. Bring up the Holoprojector Map and pin the Datacard icon. Follow the blue holographic marks West, and they'll lead you to a Net Launcher wall on the cliff face. Switch to your Scavenger and complete the wall, then climb up.

At the top, follow the blue hologram marker to the North-East cliff-face, dropping down to the Blue Stud as needed. It'll lead you to some orange handhelds you can use to continue climbing up, with the Datacard at the top!

Kashyyyk - Kachirho

The Kashyyyk Datacard is found at the top of the North-Eastern tower, which is where the starting point for The Battle of Kashyyyk Story Mission takes place.

Head up the tower via the spiraling ramp, then when you get to the top and enter the tunnel, turn left to find a triple split in the path. Take the left-hand path, then when you get outside, jump left across the circular platforms. On the second one, check the alcove on the left wall for the Datacard!

Mustafar - Mining Complex


The Mustafar Datacard can be found in the Northern part of the Mining Complex. Head North through the facility until you get to the pair of huge staircases. Go up the Eastern one and to the end of the platform, where to your left you can spot an enormous pipe. Down on this pipe are some handholds: Grapple to them with a Hero or Bounty Hunter, then jump right along more handholds to get to the Datacard!

Original Trilogy Datacards

These Datacards are found in the Original Trilogy, made up of Episode IV: A New Hope, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, and Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

For the Datacard in Jundland Wastes, we've covered it above in the Prequel Trilogy section, as you visit the area in the course of Episode II.

Tatooine - Mos Eisley

The Datacard in Mos Eisley can be found in the North-Western corner of the town, up the wall of a building and below some Lego awnings. To get up here, switch to a Jedi and then look around the area for some boxes you can stack. You only need to stack two, letting you double jump up to the Datacard!

Yavin 4 - Great Temple

The Datacard in Yavin 4 is surprisingly simple to find. From the Landing Pad, head South in the atrium of the ground floor and note the large stone walkway that crosses above in the middle of the room. Look for the orange handholds on the Southern side of the walkway and Grapple up with a Hero or Bounty Hunter character to get to the top, The Datacard will be here!


Hoth - Echo Base

The Hoth Datacard is floating above one of the ceiling lights in the main hangar bay where the Landing Pad is, but getting up there isn't too obvious.

First, check the North-Eastern wall to spot two orange handholds: switch to a Hero character and Grapple up there. Once you're at the second one, turn the camera around to face the rest of the hangar: you should see another grapple point you can use to get up onto a long structure hanging from the ceiling.

From here, you'll need to get to the Datacard by using Grapple points on the ceiling, all of which are directly above the hanging lights. The second one is especially daring, because you'll have to jump out first so that you can then grapple it in mid-air. From there, you can continue grappling until you get to the Datacard!

Dagobah - Dragonsnake Bog

The Dagobah Datacard can be found in the South-Eastern corner of the bog, in the little "side-room". It'll be on a high-up tree root: use Hero character like Luke to grapple up using a handhold to get up onto the root and to the Datacard.

Bespin - Cloud City


This Datacard requires a Scavenger character's tools in order to access. While you'll have unlocked the Tusken Raider back in A New Hope, you don't unlock Scavenger Tools until you complete one of the following two Missions:

  • The Chewbacca Defense Story Mission in Return of the Jedi.
  • The Scraps for Scraps tutorial in The Force Awakens, which occurs immediately after the First Order of Business Story Mission.
  • Requires: Scavenger character

Once you've unlocked the Scavenger Tools, head to Cloud City on Bespin and go to the fourth level, the main plaza. Head to the South-East corner where the gorge is, and across the gap you'll see a cracked Lego panel.

Switch to your Scavenger character and equip the Breaker Blaster so you can use it to smash the panel down. Now switch to a Hero or Bounty Hunter character, then jump out to grapple across the gap and get the Datacard in the alcove!

Endor - Ewok Village

The Datacard on Endor can be found on the second-lowest floor of the Ewok Village, specifically at the bottom of the incredibly long spiral ramp in the North-West corner of the village.

When you get to the very bottom, you'll be able to find a large safe-like plate made of Lego in the tree trunk. To open it, stand at the end of the walkway and look for the green Lego vines: blast them to reveal a target, which will open up the plate and reveal the Datacard if you shoot it!

Sequel Trilogy Datacards

The Datacards in this section are accessed during the Sequel Trilogy, made up of Episode VII: The Force Awakens, Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, and Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker.

Jakku - Niima Outpost


The Datacard on Jakku is in Niima Outpost, specifically the Northern region called Niima Canyon.

Head to the Northern-most part of the map, then go to the North side of the dunes that divide this area from the crashed Star Destroyer that you can enter. Sticking out of the dunes will be a large grey cylinder: climb up and enter it to find the Datacard!

Takodana - Maz's Castle

The Datacard on Takodana can be found along the shore, just West of the Landing Pad. Here you may spot the yellow glow of the Datacard in the water, but jumping out to it won't work.

To raise the Datacard, switch to a Hero character and look for an orange handhold at the top of a nearby column. Grapple up to it and step on the button to raise a treasure chest, which will open up and reveal the Datacard!

Cantonica - Canto Bight

The Datacard on Cantonica is found at the dead-end alleyway in the center of the town at the shore of Canto Bight. It'll be up on a small round balcony: to get up there, use a Hero or Bounty Hunter character to grapple up to a nearby handhold and cross over to it. You'll have several options to use!

Crait - Crait Outpost


The Crait Datacard can be found in the main atrium of the mine on the West side of the map. Climb up the ladders and walkways on the North side of the atrium, and at the upper-most one you'll spot the Datacard floating to the East on a high metal pipe. To get there, you'll need to use a Hero or Bounty Hunter character, then jump out and grapple to the Datacard in mid-air!

Kef Bir - Crash Site

The Datacard on Kef Bir can be found in the Northern village area of the map with the thatched roof cottages. Check behind the cottage in the South-West corner, and you'll find the Datacard floating right there, ready for the taking!

Exegol - Sith Citadel

Because of the way the Story Mission "Be With Me" works, the Sith Citadel cannot be explored until you fully complete the story of Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. After doing this, you can then explore the citadel in the story of another Episode, or in the Open Galaxy Mode.

The Datacard on Exegol's Sith Citadel is located in the main atrium of the middle floor, the room with the pipe network up at the top of the room. The Datacard will be on a pipe on the North wall of the room.

To get up there, trace that pipe South and you'll find a Lego rope hanging off it (visible on the right-hand side of the picture above). You can jump to it if you go up to the end of the metal balcony nearby. From there, climb up the rope, jump onto the pipe, then cross over to the other end to get the Datacard!

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