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Sonic Origins

Sonic Origins - Every Game's First Boss

Check out the first Boss of every game in this Sonic Origins Gameplay video. This is Sonic Origins PS5 gameplay and we've captured the entire first boss fight for each game. We show the first boss from each game including the iconic Sonic 1 boss sporting a checkered ball, Sonic 2 boss gameplay, Sonic 2 boss that had a drill for a weapon, and Sonic 3 boss that was a mini, bomb spewing drone that set the island on fire, and Sonic CD boss that was a mech Robotnik with bouncing arms gameplay into one video. Each title in the Sonic Origins gameplay has been remastered for release. In each video, we fight different versions of Dr. Ivo Robotnik. This Sonic Origins gameplay collection is a great compilation of all the sonic games. We collect Sonic 1 gameplay, Sonic 2 gameplay, Sonic 3 gameplay, and Sonic CD gameplay all into one video for you to see here. Enjoy this collection of Sonic Bosses over the years.
00:00 Sonic the Hedgehog

01:04 Sonic the Hedgehog CD

01:48 Sonic the Hedgehog 2

02:40 Sonic the Hedgehog & Knuckles 3

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Sonic Origins

Sonic Origins is a compiled series of the breakthrough classic original Sonic games, including Sonic the Hedgehog 1, 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles as well as Sonic CD.
The search platform that cares 😩😭🤫 Sonic Origins - Every Game's First Boss - IGN
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