Comments of the Week May 13th!

Martial Arts, Movie Sequels, and Super Robots!

Hello everyone we are back for another weekly round-up of the staff's favorite comments from you the community! Without much further ado let's jump into the comments from the week of May 13th!

User BishopSaturn returns thanks to their enjoyment and well-stated breakdown of Cobra Kai.

Strike hard. Strike fast. No mercy.

Join the discussion about Cobra Kai while we wait for season five.

User LordKri enjoyed Moon Knight, and I have to say I agree Oscar Isaac absolutely nailed this role, and I think just about everyone wanted more time in that finale.

It's only a matter of time till we get more Moon Knight

Share your thoughts on the Moon Knight finale and the rest of season one with others.

User StrngBrew is putting words to what's on everyone's minds after yet another couple of game delays.

Starfield and Redfall may not be the last of the games pushed to 2023

Delays for games aren't going anywhere anytime soon but sometimes less is more when it comes to information. Share your thoughts on game delays with others.

Gotta say I agree with user NavTheConqueror and the 55 others that liked their comment, there are lots of great movies that just don't need a sequel.

Any movies you wish would have stopped after their first?

Share yourthoughts on movies needing or not needing sequels with others here.

User JoeTalon has caught a case of the Elden Rings, many of us are right there with you.

Agreed well done, FromSoftware

Elden Ring just shows no signs of slowing down, talk about it with others in the full discussion.

Quite possibly my personal favorite of the week goes to user tenken8 and their creative combination of the current gaming landscape and Voltron.

Mega-thrusters are go! Let's Go Voltron Force!

Check out this week's episode of Next-Gen Console Watch and share your thoughts on the current generation console demand.

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