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Building & Shaping the Health Workforce

How We Do It

UnitedHealth Group is helping build and shape the health workforce with initiatives that advance a diverse workforce, invest in the need for more data scientists, revitalize primary care and improve existing workforce capacity.

Building & Shaping the Health Workforce

Advancing a Diverse Workforce Through the Diverse Scholars Initiative

A diverse health workforce that reflects today’s society can deliver more personalized, culturally competent care.

The United Health Foundation Diverse Scholars Initiative works to create a more relevant health workforce, particularly in underserved communities, by increasing the number of primary care physicians who are equipped to deliver personalized, culturally competent care. Since the program launched in 2007, the United Health Foundation has funded nearly 3,000 scholarships for diverse undergraduate and graduate students. The Diverse Scholars Initiative also provides mentoring and internship programs, and an annual scholar forum in Washington, D.C.

Center for Clinician Advancement

Licensed clinicians
Nurses • Pharmacists • Social workers • Advanced practice clinicians • Physicians • Behavioral health clinicians • Pharmacy technicians

Building & Shaping the Health Workforce

Supporting Clinician Development With the Center for Clinician Advancement

In today’s increasingly complex health care environment, UnitedHealth Group’s clinicians must navigate the demands of a swiftly evolving health system.

The company’s Center for Clinician Advancement provides programs that help develop clinicians and provide career advancement opportunities. Created in 2008, the Center now serves 58,000 licensed clinicians across UnitedHealth Group, including nurses, pharmacists, social workers, advanced practice clinicians, physicians, behavioral health clinicians, pharmacy technicians and others with clinical backgrounds.