Svetlana Golovko

Svetlana Golovko is a DBA with 13 years of the IT experience (including SQL Server and Oracle) with main focus on performance.


Svetlana has been working in IT for more than 17 years. Most of her career has focused on Database Administration (both SQL Server and Oracle) and Database Development. Databases are Svetlana's passion, but she also has fun helping co-workers and friends in troubleshooting non-database related issues. Svetlana tries to explore and learn as many SQL Server features as possible. Her favorite SQL Server features are Policy Based Management, SSIS, SSRS and Master Data Services. One of Svetlana's areas of expertize is cross systems / database integration.  Svetlana is currently a hands-on Database Team Lead in Calgary, Canada where she promotes SQL Server.

Svetlana likes to share her knowledge with others and enjoys learning herself. Her hobby is photography, but now she spends her free time away from Database Administration with her little girl who proudly wears her MSSQLTips shirt. Svetlana blogs at and posts her pictures to  Her Twitter account is @magasvs.

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Analysis Services AdministrationSQL Server Analysis Services Migration from SQL Server 2012 to SQL Server 2017
Auditing and ComplianceCustom Intrusion Detection Reporting for SQL Server
Auditing and ComplianceSQL Server Database Security Audit (Part 1): What to expect?
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Auditing and ComplianceSQL Server Security Audit (Part 2): Scripts to help you or where can you find more information
Availability GroupsDrop Login issues for logins tied to SQL Server Availability Groups
Central Management ServersDifferent ways to sort multi-server SQL Server query results using Central Management Server
Central Management ServersEvaluating Policies on Multiple SQL Server Instances using Central Management Server
Central Management ServersSQL Server Multi Database Query with Registered Servers
Comparison Data and ObjectsDifferent Ways to Find SQL Server Object Dependencies
Comparison Data and ObjectsFinding SQL Server Object Dependencies for Synonyms
Comparison Data and ObjectsFinding SQL Server Object Dependencies with DMVs
Database AdministrationNew SQL Server Database Request Questionnaire and Checklist
Database AdministrationSQL Server Database Decommissioning Check List
Database DesignHow to Use the SSIS Profiling Output File to Generate SQL Server Sparse Columns Script
Database MailSQL Server Database Mail Health Check for all SQL Servers
Database MailSQL Server Database Mail Health Check with Policy Based Management
IndexingSafely Dropping Unused SQL Server Indexes
Install and UninstallSQL Server Security Best Practices for an Application Installed on SQL Server
LicensingScript to get CPU and Cores for SQL Server Licensing
Master Data ServicesCreate Business Rules in SQL Server Master Data Services
Master Data ServicesInstall and configure multiple instances of Master Data Services MDS on the same server
Master Data ServicesMore Master Data Services (MDS) Tips and Tricks
Master Data ServicesResolving SQL Server Master Data Services (MDS) Patching Errors
Master Data ServicesSQL Server 2014 Master Data Services Assigning Administrator Permissions
Master Data ServicesSQL Server Master Data Services (MDS) custom Delete Stored Procedure
Master Data ServicesSQL Server Master Data Services (MDS) Database Restore Steps
Master Data ServicesSQL Server Master Data Services (MDS) Tips and Tricks
Master Data ServicesSQL Server Master Data Services (MDS) Versions
Master Data ServicesSQL Server Master Data Services Business Rules Notifications
MonitoringAutomated collection of SQL Server database connections for monitoring
MonitoringAutomated SQL Server WMI Alerts for Server Scope and Server Objects Permissions Changes
MonitoringLow Disk Space Alert for SQL Server
MonitoringMonitor SQL Server Database File Growth with WMI Alerts
MonitoringMonitor SQL Server Databases Changes Using WMI Alerts
MonitoringMonitor SQL Server Master Database Changes with WMI Alerts
Other Database PlatformsExport Data from IBM DB2 iSeries to SQL Server
Policy Based ManagementUsing Policy Based Management for checking SQL Server database file extensions
Policy Based ManagementUsing Policy Based Management for checking SQL Server Versions
Policy Based ManagementUsing Policy Based Management for SQL Server Availability Groups Data Loss Alerts
Policy Based ManagementUsing Policy Based Management to check number of SQL Server data and log files
Policy Based ManagementUsing Policy Based Management to check that SQL Server indexes are created in the correct filegroup
Professional Development Career PlanningSQL Server Database Administrator
Professional Development ManagementSQL Server DBA On-Boarding Checklist
Professional Development Skills DevelopmentNon-traditional ways to learn more about SQL Server
Profiler and TraceUsing WMI alerts to import SQL Server Default Trace events
Query StoreSQL Server 2016 Query Store Example
Query StoreSQL Server 2016 Query Store Introduction
Query StoreSQL Server 2016 Query Store Queries
Query StoreSQL Server 2016 Query Store SSMS Panes
ReplicationTransactional Replication for SQL Server Tables without Primary Keys
Reporting Services DevelopmentCreating a multi-server query SSRS report using Central Management Servers
SecurityAlerts and Notifications for SQL Server Login, Database User and Role Membership Changes
SecurityAutomated WMI Alerts for SQL Server Login Property Changes
SecurityCompare SQL permissions using SQL Server Data Tools
SecuritySQL Servers Assessment for the Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities
SecurityUsing Kerberos Configuration Manager for SPNs Validation
SharePointBuild SQL Server End of Support Report Using Multiple SharePoint Lists
SharePointJoin Multiple SharePoint Lists to build SQL Server Reporting Services Report
SQL Server 2022SQL Server 2022 Server Level Role Updates
SQL Server AgentSQL Server Agent Jobs Monitoring Script
SQL Server AgentSQL Server Agent Jobs Schedules - Review, Cleanup, and Special Cases
Stored ProceduresSeveral Methods to collect SQL Server Stored Procedure Execution History
SynonymsTemplate to Create SQL Server Synonyms with checks
TriggersSQL Server DDL Trigger to Prevent Logins Deletion
Upgrades and MigrationsSQL Server Edition Post-Downgrade Steps
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