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Author: The MSSQLTips.com Team

Efficient monitoring and management of SQL Server farms

SQL Server DBAs are being asked to monitor and manage a constantly growing number of instances. Properly addressing these needs from a technical, business and user perspective is time consuming and stressful while leaving many issues unnoticed until...

Author: Per Christopher Undheim

Synapse Analytics vs Snowflake for Delta Format Files, Machine Learning, Table Relationships and Constraints

When evaluating Synapse Analytics and Snowflake for your Lakehouse Platform you may be interested in knowing how Synapse and Snowflake handle Delta Format Files, Machine Learning workloads, table relationships, constraints and more.

Author: Ron L'Esteve

Implementing Fact-to-Dimension Mapping on Lakehouse using Synapse Mapping Data Flow

In this article we cover a common fact processing task which is fact-to-dimension mapping and how this can be done with Azure Synapse Analytics.

Author: Fikrat Azizov

Getting Started with Query History and Table Designer in Azure Data Studio

In this article we look at how to add the query history extension to Azure Data Studio as well as how to build tables using the table designer.

Author: Rajendra Gupta

How to Write a SQL SELECT Statement

In this article we look at how to use the SQL SELECT statement to query data from a SQL Server table along with several different examples.

Author: Jim Evans

Configuring Distributed Availability Groups Between Failover Clusters on Different Active Directory Domains Part 1

In this article we look at how to use Distributed Availability Groups to migrate SQL Server databases to a different Active Directory domain.

Author: Edwin Sarmiento

SQL Database Overview

Learn about what a SQL database is, what is stored in a database and how to interact with a database.

Author: Daniel Calbimonte

Recover Script from Recently Closed Tab in SSMS You Forgot to Save

Learn different ways to recover a T-SQL script when using SQL Server Management Studio if SSMS is accidently shutdown without saving the script.

Author: Joe Gavin

Steps for Upgrading Always On SQL Servers and Skipping Versions

In this article we look at a checklist you can follow to upgrade an Always On SQL Server environment from one version of SQL Server to a later version.

Author: Jim Evans

SQL Server CLR Table Valued Function

Learn how to create table valued functions (TVF) using common runtime language (CLR) in SQL Server along with a couple of simple examples to get you started.

Author: Daniel Farina

How to Avoid Making Remote Desktop Connections to SQL Server

In this article we learn how to avoid having to make remote desktop connections to SQL Server and still be able to install, patch, read error logs and manage SQL Server.

Author: Eric Blinn

Build a Secure SQL Server REST API in Minutes

Learn how to build a secure SQL Server REST API in minutes with DreamFactory which is middleware that connects all of your applications across the enterprise in a secure manner.

Author: Jeremy Kadlec

How to Encrypt and Decrypt CSV File in SSIS

In this article we look at how you can use a SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package to encrypt and decrypt data to and from a flat file.

Author: Jan Potgieter

Power BI Desktop - What is it and how do I use it?

Learn about Power BI Desktop the stalwart development tool used for the bulk of report and dashboard design work in Power BI.

Author: Scott Murray

Advanced Databricks Lakehouse Capabilities

Learn about several different aspects of Databricks Lakehouse such as encryption, row level security, visually viewing query plans, SQL merge, change data capture and more.

Author: Ron L'Esteve

Easily Deploy SQL Server Failover Cluster Instance on AWS

In this article we learn how to build a SQL Server Failover Cluster on AWS along with the steps to deploy using the AWS Launch Wizard.

Author: Carla Abanes

Search all String Columns in all SQL Server Tables or Views

In this article we look at T-SQL script you can use to search for a string in every table and view in every database or in a specific database.

Author: Aaron Bertrand

RELATED vs LOOKUPVALUE in DAX: How and when to use them in Power BI

In this article we cover how and when to use the DAX functions RELATED and LOOKUPVALUE in Power BI to perform similar VLOOKUP capabilities in Excel.

Author: Kenneth A. Omorodion

Getting started with SQL MAX Function with Use Cases

In this article we look at how to use the SQL MAX() function in SQL Server to find the maximum values in a result set along with several examples of using SQL MAX().

Author: Manvendra Singh

PowerShell for the DBA - Basic Functions

In this article we look at how to get started writing functions in PowerShell along with several basic examples to get you started.

Author: Alejandro Cobar

SSIS Bad Habits: Wrong OLE DB components configuration

In this article learn about best practices for using the OLE DB components in SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages.

Author: Hadi Fadlallah