Loyalty cards

Collect loyalty rewards in your Barclays app

Leave your loyalty cards at home and earn loyalty points and rewards automatically when you pay with your Barclays cards at participating retailers.

How do loyalty cards work?

Loyalty cards let you earn rewards when you shop at participating retailers. You can connect existing loyalty cards and join new loyalty schemes using the Barclays app, so you don’t have to carry your loyalty cards.

Every time you pay at participating retailers with your Barclays payment cards or contactless mobile, you’ll automatically earn loyalty points and rewards. You can view your loyalty balance and redeem rewards with selected retailers in your app at any time.

Did you know you can activate your digital loyalty cards directly from the Barclays app?

From the home screen tap ‘Products’.

Then scroll down to ‘Our Services’ and select ‘Loyalty cards’.

Tap ‘Get started’.

Read through the important information and tap ‘Continue’ Then read the terms and conditions and tap ‘Accept and activate’.

You've now activated the loyalty cards functionality.

From the list of participating retailers, select the retailer whose loyalty cards you'd like to link.

We'll ask you if you're an existing member of the selected retailer’s loyalty scheme.

If you select yes, you’ll need to enter your membership number and email address to link your card.

Or, if you’re not a member and select ‘No’, you can register with the chosen retailer to join their rewards program.

Just enter your details and click ‘Continue’.

Read through the retailer’s terms and conditions and if you agree, tap ‘Continue’.

Review the details you’ve entered, and tap ‘Confirm’.

You’ve now registered as a member of the retailer’s loyalty rewards.

To view your rewards, tap on the card you’d like to check.

You’ll see recent transactions, if there are any vouchers available and how far away you are from earning a new reward.

Tap on ‘Redeem vouchers’ to get your voucher code.

And that’s it.

Your digital loyalty card has been set up.

Now, whenever you use your linked Barclays debit or credit card to pay online or instore at participating retailers your reward points will be automatically added.

Remember, it can take up to 7 days for your loyalty rewards balance to update.

Using digital loyalty cards in the Barclays app

Watch this short video about setting up your digital loyalty cards.

You’ll find out how to

  • Link existing loyalty cards from participating retailers
  • Join new loyalty schemes
  • Check and redeem rewards

How to set up digital loyalty cards

You can connect your loyalty cards to your Personal or Premier current account using your Barclays app – if you don’t have the app, it’s easy to register.

Step 1: Set up

Log in to the Barclays app and select ‘More’ at the bottom of the screen. Then tap ‘Loyalty cards’.

Step 2: Connect

Follow the steps to connect your loyalty cards with participating retailers or sign up for new ones.

Step 3: Shop

Shop at participating retailers with your Barclays payment cards to get loyalty rewards automatically.

Step 4: Redeem

Check your balance and redeem your rewards from your app, depending on how the retailer's loyalty scheme works.

Which retailers offer loyalty cards?

In-app loyalty schemes are available with these retailers. We’re adding new ones all the time, so we’ll let you know when we add more.

Get started with Loyalty Cards now

Open your Barclays app or register to set up Loyalty cards with few simple steps.

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