Barclays Money Mentors®

Create a plan for your money

Free, impartial guidance on anything from better budgeting tips to buying a home.

How we can help

Buying a house

Guiding you through each stage of your home-owning journey.


Make a plan for your money so you can feel more in control of what comes in and what you spend.

Future planning

Feel more confident to financially cope with life changes.


Build your savings pot with expert tips.

Financial goals

Set goals and create a plan to help you stay on track.

Ask us anything

Whatever your financial queries, we’ll help you find the answers you need – although we can’t give specific individual advice.

What to expect

A chat with a Barclays Money Mentor® could help put you on the right path to tackling your money challenges and achieving your goals. 


There’s no cost to talk to us and we can help whether you bank with us or not.


We take your privacy seriously, and everything will remain strictly confidential.


We’ll help you create an achievable plan to feel more in control of your money.

Tips from some of our team


Above Bar branch, Southampton

“Take time to work out where your money is going. Try making several smaller changes rather than one big one – it may be easier and less noticeable.”


Stratford Broadway branch, London

“Be aware that your circumstances are individual to you, and only you truly know what you want to achieve, how hard you need to work, and whether it’s realistic or not.”


Colchester branch, Essex

“Using the ‘Spending’ feature of the Barclays app1 will help you see where you’re spending money on a monthly basis. You can then look to make savings where you think you’re spending too much.”


Coventry High Street branch, West Midlands

“Try emptying your pockets/wallet/purse at the end of the week and putting all the coins and notes in a jar, to see how much you can save. You can do this physically or virtually.”

How to reach us

Choose between a phone or video call. Sessions usually last 45 minutes, and when you book an appointment online, you can choose who you’d like to talk to.

Where possible, your Money Mentor will call ahead before the appointment to discuss your agenda, so you can get the most from the session.


Available 9am to 9pm, Monday to Friday, depending on availability.

Video call

Available 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday, depending on availability.

Mentor session tools

We’ll use these tools during your appointment, so please have a look at them beforehand.

My budget

Work out your spending and plan for your financial goals with our simple budget sheet. [PDF, 575KB]

Plan Builder

Work out your next steps and work towards your goals with this planning document. [PDF, 507KB]

Barclays Money Workouts

Interactive exercises to help shape up your finances – whether you want to save for a rainy day or cut out little luxuries to buy a bigger treat.  

Barclays Money Mentors® don’t provide specific, personalised financial advice. Individual circumstances can vary, so we recommend that you get professional advice if you need it.


99% of people giving feedback after speaking to a Barclays Money Mentor® said they would recommend it to friends and family.2

84% also said they’d changed their financial behaviour after their appointment.2