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Our Digital Eagles are passionate colleagues, helping everyone get the most out of digital banking. No matter where you are on your journey, we can help keep you up to date and stay safe online.

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(relaxing piano music)

Hi, how are you?



Hi Ryan, nice to see you again.

Thanks for making time for me today.

(relaxing piano music)

How's lock down affected the home?

Lockdown has affected it massively.

It's shut them out from the outside world completely.

The anxiety was the biggest thing to deal with.

We were fearful that they were gonna lose that connection with their families.

♪ So up your troubles in your old kit bag ♪

♪ And smile, smile, smile. ♪


That was beautiful.

Wobbly and out of tune weren't it?


The residents have been able to use the tablets for connecting with their families, which has been far more important and successful than I would ever have imagined.

Click on that link.

Cunning isn't it?

There you go.

I have been video calling with my friends.

We use it every single day to connect to the outside world and connect them to each other.

We've used it for doctors rounds.

We've been streaming music to give them afternoon dance lessons.

Online safety.

Video calling my dogs.

How've you done that?

(high pitched beeping)


Look at dear Bracken looking at me.



Being able to connect to their loved ones has been a real lifeline.

(upbeat music)


There we go.



I know who that is.


They enjoy the fun side of it all.

They've enjoyed your team.

It helps them hold onto the sense of who they are.

Look at her.

They can't beat them, these dogs of mine.

They are somebody's husband, somebody's wife.

Somebody's father.

Very nice to meet you.

It was so lovely to speak to you.

Bye bye.


Nice to meet you.

So it's been invaluable and I want to thank you very much for that, for everything to do with it.

(relaxing piano music)

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We’re helping people in care homes learn important digital skills. Our goal is to help care home staff and healthcare professionals work more efficiently, so they can save money and spend more time caring for residents.

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